Harmony Ridge Music
Aiko Shimada

This CD was released in April 1998. It is self-released and produced under Aiko's own label Bera Records. This CD includes internationally known NY jazz bassist Lonnie Plaxico, who is currently bassist and music director of '97 Grammy award winner jazz singer Cassandra Wilson. (Musicians who participated on this CD are Mark France, Mark Collins, Eyvind Kang, Abby Grush, Doug Theriault, and Lonnie Plaxico).

"sparingly orchestrated collection of tone poems that will transport you to another world where ritual, simplicity, and meditation reign supreme."
- New Times, San Luis Obispo, Sept. 3-10 '98

"Her strikingly clear vocals and crisp guitar work make the melancholy songs on this record shimmer· with energy and brightness."
- The Stranger, Apr: '98 Seattle (Trey Hatch)

"Singer/songwriter Aiko Shimada is a folkie on the edge. ... even folky songs can interact with explorations in structure, mood, and instrumental color. Her understated experimentation adds a subtle depth to her music."
-The Seattle Weekly, Apr. '98 Seattle (Andrew Bartlett)

" Each song stands like a still-life-super-realistic, a moment caught forever. And that makes Aiko Shimada as much artist and poet as musician. It shimmers, and there's strength in the silent places. Magical."
- The Rocket, Apr. '98 Seattle (Chris Nickson)

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