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  Francoise Atlan
Francoise Atlan

Francoise Atlan is one of Morocco's leading singers not only of Sephardic but also Arabic song and enjoys huge popularity among both Jewish and Muslim communities. Ms. Atlan is gifted with a most outstanding voice, sweet but not overly so, at once firm and strong and delicate, and endowed with a great spiritual quality. This lady could sing gangsta rap and make it sound good!

Françoise Atlan is one in the most beautiful voices specialized in the songs of the Mediterranean Sea. She sings in ladino the Sephardic romances of the Jewish communities of North Africa or Andalusia, in occitan the classical laments of the troubadours, in Arabic the arabo-andalusian melodies. But, it is above all as a woman of the Mediterranean, this sea of the sharing, that lives Françoise Atlan.


From The Rose To The Jasmine
CD $16.99 catalog# 92574
La Juderia
Durme Querido Hijico(mp3)
La serena(mp3)

Romances Sefardies: Noches
CD $16.99 catalog# cd20515
Romances Sefardies: Noches
Scalerica De Oro(mp3)
Noches Noches(mp3)

Romances Sephardies
CD $16.99 catalog# Ad20513
Romances Sephardies
A La Una Yo Naci(mp3)
Adio Querida(mp3)

CD $16.99 catalog# cd20515
La Juderia
Stekhbar Irak-Allahou(mp3)
Morena-Ya Malih (mp3)

Traces De Lumiere
CD $19.99 catalog# 860120
La Juderia
Disc 1
Hymne a la vie(mp3)
Chants Orthodoxes Russes(mp3)
Disc 2
Peoulot (mp3)

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