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  Amanda's Waiting
Amanda's Waiting This is a 6-piece alternative rock band from NYC formed in November '94. The emotional heart of AW is the collaboration of lead singer Minx and singer songwriter Grace Millo. Their songs are infused with introspection and dark melodies, songs of bitterness and longing are complemented by Minx's emotionallly charged vocals.

Their debut 7" single, Ghost on Breath of the Earth Records was released June '95 to widespread critical acclaim. Along with performing regularly in the NYC area, amanda's waiting have also toured the tri-state area. The single is currently receiving national airplay on college radio. Two east coast stations,WNTI Hackettstown, NJ, and WRPI Troy, NY, featured live performances and interviews with the band. WBAB, NY recently selected "Pretty Good For a Girl" off the CD compilation "Go on Girl" featuring bands from NY and Texas.

Backed by MCA Music Publishing, amanda's waiting collaborated with Russ Kunkel (James Taylor, Jackson Brown, Fleetwood Mac, Jimmy Buffet) in producing a 4 song demo in November 1996 including: Superman Blue - The sadness that comes from the realization that your lover only loves you for your strength Shades of Blue - A love song celebrating how opposites attract Just Lay - Inner conflict between sexual temptation and religious faith. Tread These Waters - Was written during an anxiety attack-aplea for peace in the soul.


AMANDA'S WAITING - (SELF TITLED) Nearing 4 years of this band being together certainly shows on this album. It took me a couple of tracks to get into the sound of the band, but once I came across "Superman Blue", I was pretty much hooked on the rest of the album. The sound of the band hovers between various styles of rock & at times slowing to rock ballad territory. There's a number of extremely impressive tracks here, like to alternate soft/loud masterpiece of "Ghost", the rousing epic proportions of "Child Of Saturn" (a definite hit single inh the making) & another big favourite of mine that got 3 plays in a row, "Jane's Room", a track that's got a great lyrical content.Another very interesting track is the closing track "Pretty Good For A Girl", which is a very cool feminist pop number with a great story. The band certainly have something to appeal to just about everyone. - hEARd Magazine

Modern rock with a feminist twist from this NYC-based sextet. Comparisons to 4 Non Blondes are not far off the mark, but I also detected the influence of Patti Smith in AW's dark drama. Lead singer Minx has a strong, clear voice, and song writer Grace Millo (who also sings and plays rhythm guitar) has given her above-par melodies to work with. The band, accented by Wendy Flitter's cello, is sure-footed, if not incendiary, and with a little push amanda's waiting could well make its mark in the AAA market. A previous demo was produced by Russ Kunkel (Jackson Browne, Fleetwood Mac), so they've got some friends in high places. - Jim Santo Demo Universe

Additional information can be found at amandaswaiting.com

Amanda's Waiting
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Amanda's Waiting

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