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"Portland powerhouse Anne Weiss, with her vocal flights suggesting a cross between Aretha Franklin and Joni Mitchell, bluesy acoustic chops hinting that Bonnie Raitt could have been a frequent visitor to the house, & poetic lyrics that likewise transcend generic limitations, is like three singer-songwriters in one."
-Jeff Rosenberg, Willamette Week, Portland, Oregon

CD's also available in Portland at Music Millennium, In Other Words Bookstore, or on the web at ; ; (you can write your own review of the album at this site too!)

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Dear friends,

Braille, the new CD, is now in! The first review:

" Braille, (Anne's new release), is her strongest collection of songcraft yet. She is in full command of all of her talents: poetic lyrics, tender melodies, tough guitar work, and magnificent voice. Every style of music she touches on here -- folk, blues, gospel, even salsa-soul -- she makes effortlessly her own. What beautiful work!"
- Jeff Rosenberg, co-host, The Dharma Wheel, KBOO Community Radio, Portland, Oregon 11/7/02

(For gushy and well deserved acknowledgments and album details, read on! To skip down to the "I'll read that later, but how do I listen to it/purchase it now" section, check out the end of this e-mail message.)

This 12 song original CD was graced with the incredible talents of: Dar Williams, Vanida Gail, Andrea Pritchett, Kelly Jones, Donny Wright (backing vocals); Phil Wiggins and Dave Keller (harmonica); Donny Wright, Jofus, and Lou Reiger (acoustic and electric bass); Tim Ellis and Eric Eden (acoustic and electric guitar) Carlton Jackson, Bobby Torres, Steve Hoak, and Phil Carr (drums, percussion); Mel Kubik and Gavin Bondy( sax and trumpet- the salsa section!); Alex Walker (accordian); Jonas Tauber (cello); and Raji Malik (sarod).

Many others gave their wisdom, skills, time and creative input, including Jamie Moffett, Craig Alvin, and Bennett Shapiro in the engineering department and Tim Ellis in the consulting and cheering squad. For more thanks and contact info for these fine folks, go to or write me at .

I hope the melodic and human characters of these songs- the little trucker who is laughing, Juanita who is the salsa dance queen of the neighborhood, the homeless woman on the highway, the tattooed motorcyclist- go out and have great adventures in the world, and then come back to tell me about it. I hope they have a wonderful time in your company, support and cheer you when you need it, understand your angst when you need it, and cheer on whatever and whoever your muse is- your own songs, poems, dances, photos, drawings. If you ever wish to share with me what YOU do- please don't hesitate! After all, my people may be living in your CD player! Running a commune! Forming a soccer team with your muses! Eating you ice cream when you are out of the house and leave the CD player on! Slipping into your pocket when you are headed out to a peace march!

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Making Paper From Leaves........Anne's New Book
Audio Samples
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Braille From Braille Approx. 2.0 min.
In My Town From "Crossing The Border" approx 1.0 min
Snowbound From Tomorrows Gate , Approx. 1.5 min.

Workshops And Classes

Workshops with Anne Weiss
Workshops are offered for festivals, colleges/schools,in addition to performances, by special request.
Contact Anne for

Using songs ranging from Gospel to Russian to Do Wop, we'll strengthen group singing skills using several part harmonies, rounds, improvisation (for those who wish), laughing (no kidding!) and syncopation. We'll also answer questions like "How do I breath 'correctly'? How do I work on pitch? How do I "hear" harmony and make up harmony parts? Where's the chocolate? For anyone at any level! If this workshop precedes a concert, and the group is willing, we'll perform a song or two from class.

This is a workshop for people who want to improve their songwriting craft lyrically or melodically. We’ll do a few songwriting exercises to get ourselves warmed up and then work on songs participants bring to class. Works will not be looked at with criticism but with the enthusiasm of discovery- what do we need to add or edit to craft lyrics or music into something more like what you really wanted to create?? How do we invite the muse to the picnic?

BLUES GUITAR WORKSHOP This workshop will include Delta, Chicago, and Piedmont styles from very basic to more complex. More advanced students will be able to learn and practice basic blues "leads" and different tunings. Class will include a little bit of blues history (and herstory), a little theory, and a lot of playing, Optional: bring a slide if you want to try it out, and/or bring ten copies of the lyrics and/or chords of any blues song you've been "waiting at the crossroads" to learn.

Beginning/intermediate Blues Guitar Workshop for Women. Same format as above.

Ongoing Classes (Portland, Oregon)

Private guitar, piano and voice lessons available by appointment:


Hello Folks!
I am teaching two group classes this May and June 2003- (please see student's recommendations below).

Singing Class/Community Choir,
Mondays, May 19-June 30,
7 classes, $60 (What a deal!)
Singing for the Vocally Challenged,
Tuesdays, May 13- June 24
7 classes/$60

Both classes will be at the Bethlehem Lutheran Church, 1244 NE 39th/Senate St., near I-84, in the Fireside Room on Senate Street, ground floor entrance.

Additional and important information: Open to anyone. NO TRY OUTS. Invite your friends, family, neighbors! I use multicultural music, not necessarily religious, drawing from many different musical styles, cultures and countries. Self selecting- if you are working on beginning skills, Tuesday night will be good for ya- more advanced singing and skills will be on Monday nights.

Classes will have rolling admission for latecomers for the first three weeks.

Yes, you are welcome to take one class on a Tuesday and check out a class on a Monday the following week (or visa versa) to see which class fits you best if you are not sure.

Please RSVP:; 503-232-1720


"Anne is remarkable in that not only is she a talented musician, she is truly a talented teacher. Anne has the right touch in terms of inspiring her students, as well as easing any inhibitions or uncertainties. Anne is a true pleasure to learn from because she has a sweet soul, fantastic skill, and great method for educating. lessons with Anne end too soon, and can't come again soon enough! :) "
Alexis g. Hutera

Anne takes an optimistic and encouraging attitude toward her students, and has an excellent ear for identifying distinctions among a group of singers, which has been a great aid in my own singing development. Thank you Anne!
- Raenna Merrill

Anne's talent for singing is obvious on her CDs. Anne has a special "other" talent. She successfully helps others explore and develop their musical talent (however marginal) too. She does this by creating a secure and enthusiastic space for her students to explore the world of voice.
Brian Mahon

"I was very scared and timid about even trying my voice when I first came to class. I was confused by music (all those notes, one after another!). I felt bewildered. What helped was Anne's gentle guidance, positive support, and joyful attitude about making learning fun. The class opened a new world for me. I realize now that for all these years, it has been my fear that has kept me from singing. I just didn't know how. What I learned is that I needed someone like Anne to show the way."
Richard Ballours, SVC 2002

"I've recently participated in Anne's community choir class. Anne has the uncommon ability to bring out the singer in us all, even those of us who have been told we shouldn't sing in public. She is able to turn a group of unskilled singers into performers who sound good, while enjoying the effort. Her demeanor helps people feel welcome and at ease, her musical talent and experience provide a wealth of material to draw on, and her teaching skills enable people to learn."
-Diane Hollister


Contact Anne at:

P.O. Box 15281 Portland, Or 97293

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