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  Becki Digregorio
Becki Digregorio Becki Di Gregorio is one of the most innovative singer/songwriters to come out of the Santa Cruz, California, music scene. And the release of her debut CD, Seven Worthies... of the Bamboo Grove has expanded her reputation on a worldwide scale.

DiGregorio's music is an artful balance of edgy folk-rock and pop, with a touch of psychedelia and middle-eastern flavour nestled inbetween. The songs touch upon relationships, dreams and reality, with an underlying theme of a search for truth. From raging acoustic and electric guitars to violins and middle-eastern percussion, diGregorio's diverse musical interests are reflected in this eclectic choice of instrumentation. Some of the most respected and talented musicians from the Bay Area and abroad contributed to the CD, including San Jose's John Wedemeyer (Charlie Musselwhite) on guitar, Randy Hayes (the Chris Cain Band) on drums, and Don Lax (Camper Van Beethoven) on violin. Special guest Dave Gregory of Britain's XTC adds his unmistakable stylings on guitar and keyboards. The result is an amalgamation of style and sound that transports the listener on alternating waves of rock and trance.

Since its release in May of '97 the CD has sold briskly, especially in Europe, gaining radio play in Belgium, Germany, Italy and China, as well as across the United States. Rave reviews have also appeared in respected music publications from these countries and others. The CD is currently being distributed throughout Europe as an import by Jarmusic of Germany. Due to the fantastic reception of diGregorio's music, Jarmusic has chosen to release a four song mini-disc and devote considerable energies to radio and media promotion.

DiGregorio has won several prestigious songwriting awards, including two Best Song Awards from the Northern California Songwriters Association, and a Certificate of Achievement from Billboard Magazine's song contest for her song, "On The Edges Now." In addition, several of Becki's songs are being included on various compilation CD's such as "Best Of Taxi" (The Independent A&R Company) and one from GammaPop, an Italian music magazine. "Paper-Thin Immortals," a new film from Wayside Entertainment, will include one of diGregorio's tunes on its soundtrack.

God's Empty Chair
CD $14.99 catalog# zm002
God's Empty Chair
Find Your Own Way
Cat's in the Aviary
The Seven Worthies
CD $14.99 catalog# bdcd-100
The Seven Worthies
The Days of our Ascent


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