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  Blame Sally
Blame Sally Blame Sally is a Bay Area super-group of sorts. In the fall of last year, good friends Monica Pasqual (of Monica Pasqual Band as well as The Planet Ranch), Renee Harcourt (of Sugar Danks and Ruby's Tattoo), and Pam Delgado and Jeri Jones (Blue Water Triplets, Jill's Knight Out, and The Planet Ranch) decided to join forces and create Blame Sally. This "girl-group" is distinguished by the fact that all four women are exceptional songwriters, instrumentalists and vocalists. They all contribute songs and arrangements, switch off lead vocals and trade instruments. This summer they will release their first album, a live concert recording, and later this year they will release a studio album.

"Whenever I play a song from 'Live #1' by Blame Sally, I just wait and watch the phones and sure enough before the song is over they start linking... "who IS that woman singing?" Several e-mails usually follow. These are all new fans, too, not members of Monica Pasqual's already substantial fanbase. What a classy record; such good production and instrumentation that it's hard to elieve it's live!" - Rosalie Howarth, KFOG

"Like Joni Mitchell and Rickie Lee Jones, SanFrancisco's own Monica Pasqual proves that strong songwriting and stirring singing will take comand of just about any stylistic setting." - Derk Richardson, SF Bay Guardian

"Singer Renee Harcourt plays guitar and purrs and slurs like Mae West" - Howard Myint, Bay Guardian

"(her) music is downright sexy, sensual stimulation to the core, moving the listener through genre-smashing audio feasts." - Spinrecords.com

"(Jeri Jones and Pam Delgado) Blue Water Triplets adapted a sound that is their own: new, inspiring and wonderfully touching." - Haila Halfley, Live Oak Music Festival

"Funky, melodic rhythms, brilliant instrumentation, lyricsand vocals delivered with the utmost purity and honesty." - Landslide Music

Live #1
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Live #1
If You Tell A Lie

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