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Celeste Alayne
Celeste AlayneCeleste Alayne's Portrait Of The Goddess is a magical tribute to goddess traditions from around the world. A distinctive blend of new age, world and western musical styles fused with sacred texts, ancient chants and original lyrics rooted in the history of each goddess, Portrait Of The Goddess is a reverent, artistic addition to one of today's fastest growing cultural phenomena. Each of the ten original compositions- or offerings - was born from Celeste's personal and spiritual relationship with each deity.

Exploration of the goddess is not just a "new age" trend. It has been increasingly embraced by the mainstream in much the same way as the yoga movement has in recent years. The goddess idiom has been recognized and used by the fashion and entertainment industries and books on the subject fill the shelves at bookstores across the country. Mainstream magazines from Elle to Sports Illustrated have dedicated entire spreads and, in some cases, issues to the allure of the goddess. In fact, neo-paganism is the fastest growing "spiritual movement" in the country, It is a powerful trend with ancient roots that can be traced back to the Bardic lands. Celeste Alayne's dedication to the goddess tradition comes to full fruition on Portrait... Through the depth of her connection, knowledge and devotion to "The Goddess Path" and pagan traditions, Celeste captures the essence and breathes a new and unique perspective into the tradition.


Portrait Of The Goddess
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Portrait of the Goddess cd Cover
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