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  Coon Creek
Coon Creek "I've been singing ever since I can remember," says Dale Ann Bradley, and, as with everything she says, she is quite in earnest. Described by Music Row magazine as a "gentle mountain songbird with a shimmering delivery," Dale Ann has been making a name for herself within bluegrass circles and beyond since 1992, but she has been singing forever. She is most definitely a mountain songbird, born and raised in the small Eastern Kentucky town of Pineville, where she first sang in a Primitive Baptist church and at school contests. But Dale Ann is more quietly determined than gentle, her pure, sweet vocals backed by the force it takes to propel a small-town girl from her humble beginnings to the national respect and acclaim she and the band Coon Creek now hold. After two highly successful recordings, "East Kentucky Morning" and "Old Southern Porches", the new release, "Cumberland River Dreams," only further emphasizes their determination to keep moving forward.

In 1992 the guitar and lead vocal position opened in the New Coon Creek Girls, and Dale Ann was the woman for the job. "I was hungry for an acoustic sound," she says. The New Coon Creek girls made four albums with Dale Ann as a member before they dissolved. In 1997 Dale Ann and Vicki Simmons formed a new band, Dale Ann Bradley and Coon Creek, and released "East Kentucky Morning," which was enthusiastically received by critics and fans alike, even being included on a Billboard editor's best-of-the-year list. Dale Ann was finally joining the ranks of her heroes.

Dale Ann Bradley and Coon Creek became popular not only within bluegrass circles but beyond in part because of their wide range, including covers of pop songs such as U2's "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For," and the 1970's hit, "Stuck in the Middle With You" on their recordings. People are moved as well by the endearing power and graceful lilt of Dale Ann's mesmerizing voice. But perhaps one of their most important contributions as a group has been the strength and originality of Vicki Simmons and Dale Ann as a songwriting team. Their collaboration started, Dale Ann says, while they were putting together "East Kentucky Morning". "I came to Vicki one day with a song I'd started but couldn't finish, and she pulled out a song she'd been working on," Dale-Ann recounts.

Together, the two women have written an array of powerful songs that often tell the stories of the struggles of women. In "Granny Cat," a cut from their new recording with Doobie Shea, Dale Ann sings the story of Vicki's great-great-grandmother who fled across the mountains with her baby to escape an abusive husband. The song ends with the admonition, "So all the women out there today who think you have no other way than live with a man who treats you like that, pack up and leave him like my Granny Cat." "A woman's point of view probably has been missing from bluegrass," Dale Ann says, but we didn't set out to put that theme in there or make a statement." Instead, she says simply, "we feel moved to write real things that happen to real people. We write what's in our hearts and hope it goes where it's needed."

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