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  Chapter In Verse
Chapter In Verse Boston Globe 5/1/98 caught around town

Chapter in Verse at the Paradise
It's rare that an unsigned band can nearly sell out the Paradise. Yet Chapter in Verse did just that recently. The group is fronted by two dynamic women, Rachel Clayton and Brenda White, whose zesty harmonies echo The Indigo Girls. The songs ranged from "Inside You," which married alternative rock and surf guitar, to the exhuberant love song, "Don't Go." Chapter in Verse had a glam-tinged fashion sense, along with lots of instrumental colors, from Rich Kramer's electric mandolin to an all-out percussion jam on "Sacrifice." Some record company is going to be very glad to make this Chapter part of its roster.

Sound Check (Boston) Chapter In Verse

Wow!! Are you in a local band? Do you aspire to be in a band and play your music for the world to hear? Do you think people will be interested in your music and what you have to say...? Well if you do, you might want to catch a band called Chapter In Verse and take some notes.

I strolled onto Clarendon Street around 8:30pm only to find a line of 50 people or so waiting to get into the Hard Rock. A line??? Whoever heard of such a thing? The last time I ever remember a line to get into the Hard Rock to listen to a band is when Aerosmith played there a couple of years ago. As I weaseled my way in with my press pass I was bumped, shoved and had beer spilled all over me as loyal fans jockeyed for position for a better view of the stage.

"Please welcome Chapter In Verse" was announced through the PA system as a deafening roar escaped from the sea of crazed fans. Chapter In Verse is an energetic sextuplet whose music reminds me of the Indigo Girls with charm. Fronted by the sultry Rachel Clayton and vivacious Brenda White on both lead vocals and guitars, you can't help but notice the perfect harmonies that generate from their well trained voices. Although I had a tough time deciphering the lyrics due to the lousy acoustics of the room, I could see people singing the lyrics to almost every tune.

The rest of the lineup consists of a smooth, steady and cool bassist, a sharp and savvy lead guitarist who also broke out a mandolin for a nice changeup, a wild yet consistent drummer (was that purple hair?) producing the backbone for this band and a unique (actually bizarre) enigma who was introduced only as "Everyone knows the tambourine man".

With only a two song demo and a previously recorded cassette from a couple of years ago available, I was shocked that Chapter In Verse has not put a full project out on CD. I know the finances must be tough as a local band, but suck it up and find a way to get one released. It's a must! From what I saw at the Hard Rock, two or three more shows like that will pay for your whole project.

When all was said and done, the walls of the Hard Rock were sweating, the fans were still singing on the way out and the waitstaff, hosts, cooks and management were shellshocked that 500+ people were still partying and raging well after 11pm. And this was all for a not-so-little-known-band-anymore called Chapter In Verse. - Hard Rock Cafe, Boston - 01/22/98 Volume 21

Consumable Online

Chapter in Verse is a new girl group out of New England that will blow the socks off of fans of straight-forward female rock bands. Dueling vocals and acoustic guitars haven't been done this well since the early Indigo Girls, and the additional band members skew the sound a bit towards Chrissie Hynde or early Melissa Etheridge and the rougher feel of a Concrete Blonde. The beat is strong and the vocals are inspired.

Lead members Brenda White and Rachel Clayton share duties as song writers and lead singers. Their lyrics are drawn from the same well, and their musical styles mesh fluidly. They seem to share the music equally, and the balance bodes well for them. The chance of one "Garfunkeling" the other is slim. Their harmonies and lyrical counterpoints fit seamlessly and owe a debt to the Indigo Girls sound. Their meeting at an open mike explains a lot, and the touches of mandolin and harmonica don't hurt the comparison either. Fortunately, the punchy lyrics and electric guitar draw them away from being a Indigo Girls clone, and make the comparison simply a reference point for the genre.

In grand indie tradition, the production is raw and untouched. It is a joy to listen to because it is professionally done yet it encapsulates their energy. The album has all the hallmarks of a live band that's just hitting its peak. The overdubs are few and far between, and the music sounds exactly like it must on the mixing board in the clubs. The liner notes support this theory. Each shot is of the band members with instruments in hand -- grimacing at a note or lost in the groove of the song.

Unfortunately, this sort of band seems to be falling out of vogue at the moment. At its essence, Chapter in Verse is a rock band. You won't find any trendy Party of Five songs on Wicked Smile or any VH-1 ready Jewel ballads. These are heartfelt, straightforward songs without any frills or synthesizers. There's passion in this album, and without a doubt, Chapter in Verse will continue to be a band that builds a strong, solid following based on intense live performances. Here's your chance to say you knew them when. - Jon Steltenpohl

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