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Crooked Jades
The Crooked JadesThis young and energetic San Francisco old-time band is bringing traditional music to a wider audience, blurring the old-time edges and pushing its boundaries. The Crooked Jades' founder Jeff Kazor has long had a vision of a band that could revive the dark and haunting sounds of old-time music before the influence of radio. Staying true to the spirit of old-time and respecting its tradition, the Crooked Jades creative arrangements, high-lonesome bluegrass harmonies, and expanded instrumentation add the element of the unexpected and make the music their own.

Started in 1994 from a kitchen jam, The Crooked Jades are a quintet of accomplished singers and instrumentalists: Band leader Jeff Kazor playing guitar, Lisa Berman playing dobro, Hawaiian slide and clawhammer banjo, Tom Lucas playing fiddle and fretless minstrel banjo in 2 -finger, 3-finger and clawhammer style, Stephanie Prausnitz playing Southern old-time fiddle, and newest member, Kevin Sandri (recently transplanted from Seattle) playing bass. Their festival circuit line-up often adds driving twin-fiddles with Adam Tanner of 78RPM and clogging with Martha Hawthorne.

Kazor's vast collection of American roots music has been the source for the band's rare and obscure repertoire. The Crooked Jades play material ranging from soulful old-time ballads and rocking string-band dance music to traditionally-inspired original pieces. As they expand into new venues, The Crooked Jades will continue to bring new listeners to old-time music and expose existing fans to a different slant on the music they already know and love.


The Unfortunate Rake Vol. 1
CD $14.99 catalog# cccd0203
The Unfortunate Rake Vol. 1 cd cover
Diamond Joe

Going To The Races
CD $14.99 catalog# cm001
Going to the Races cd cover

Seven Sisters: A Kentucky Portrait (soundtrack from the documentary film)
CD $14.99 catalog# cccd0204
Seven Sisters cd cover
Miner's Child


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