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  Carol Laula
Carol Laula Her rise from a young unknown to a household name in Scotland has been phenomenal. Carol first captured the attention of the Scottish media, when in 1990, her independent single, "Standing Proud' was chosen to represent Glasgow in its year of culture. Since then, all three of her albums - 'Still', 'Precious Little Victories' and 'Naked' - have been released there to high critical acclaim, as well as propelling her to the forefront of the Scottish music scene.

Carol's reputation has also grown internationally over the years. She was even invited to perform at New York's famous Carnegie Hall alongside Mary Chapin Carpenter and Sarah McLachlan at the very first all-female singer/songwriter concert.

Unlike many other singers, Carol Laula has remained true to the raw gigging experience. She regularly invites her audience to make requests with an ease that would strike fear into the hearts of most seasoned musicians.

She has also won numerous awards for her appearances at the acclaimed 'Celtic Connections' festival, including 'Best Performer' in 1995. "There's nothing more disappointing than looking forward to seeing someone perform live and then they act all precious on stage, taking themselves terribly seriously. Sometimes you'd be as well to go home and listen to their album with a bottle of wine and, sadly, it'll probably be better. That's why I pride myself on making the live side of my work that little bit special."

After extensive touring of Scotland, Canada and the U.S., Carol took a well-earned break from the industry to study Politics and Sociology at University, but she is now returning to music with a new album in the pipeline and a fresh musical outlook.

Although Carol's sweet harmonies and intelligent lyrics have drawn comparisons to Joni Mitchell, she is quick to stress to audiences that they are likely to see a departure in style, with her opting for a new rougher sound. "I've been working on a variety of new songs which totally lend themselves to a whole host of new sounds- sounds enhanced by tecnology but which essentially still come from the root source."

"Ultimately what I want to achieve is something much bigger and more exciting, but that's not to say that I don't like what I've done in the past. I see it as a natural progression, I just had to move on. It's vitally important to me that I not only maintain the brilliant fans that I already have, but I attract many more along the way."

Those fortunate enough to have had a taste of Carol Laula's new material have noted its exceptional nature. From the wonderfully melodic 'Happy Place' to the sublime 'Heaven', Carol has made the process of musical development seem effortless.

First Disciple
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First Disciple
Bring Down The Rain
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Bad Case Of You
Taste It
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Taste It
Jesus Bird

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