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Consuelo Luz
Consuelo Luz has been called "a shining star in the firmament of Sephardic music". Her voice has been described as "…amber voiced……smoky, sultry closer to Sade, Anita Baker or her fellow Cuban, Celia Cruz…" Songs from her critically acclaimed Judeo/Spanish World Beat album "Dezeo" have gone all around the world on prestigious compilations like Buddha Bar 2, Putumayo's "Jewish Odyssey", Chill Out in Paris and Tulku. She has perfomed internationally and sings regularly at Temple Beth Shalom in Santa Fe, New Mexico, where she lives.

After 9/11 Consuelo felt she needed to make a personal statement about the state of the world and express her loving vision for the planet and humanity. Co-producing with boyfriend Grammy-nominated Tim Stroh and long time collaborator Kevin Zoernig at Tim's famed Stepbridge Studios in Santa Fe, Consuelo set out to record her own personal journey of transformation with songs she has been writing in English for many years. While singing at a community meeting she met acclaimed guitarist Larry Mitchell who stepped in to produce the powerful track "How Much Can Our Hearts Take" which features Consuelo's son, underground hip hop artist Max Paz, in a heart rending anti-war song which got major air play in New Mexico and some across the country before and since the US invasion of Iraq and which she continues to sing at peace rallies and concerts wherever she goes.

Joining her on this inspiring journey are some of Santa Fe's best musicians, including drummer Mark Clark, bassist Jeff Nelson, guitarist Larry Mitchell, keyboardist Kevin Zoernig, percussionist Chris Trujillo and Kenny Pasarelli (Elton John's bassist for many years) who came in to help during final vocals and mix and added some beautiful touches with additional keyboards and great mix ideas.

Consuelo's new album "Missing Water" has been described as "a cross between Sarah Mclachan and Enya with a deeper message and a Latin edge". Imagine: live rock band meets South American angels at a love-in peace rally somewhere between the 60s and timelessness.

With fellow musician, Nelson Denman (who plays cello and mandolin on the album), she started a series of "Freedom Cafes" in Santa Fe for the purpose of raising awareness of important issues and including speakers, music, poetry and tables with info and sign-up sheets, petitions, etc. to get people aware and involved in saving our democracy and creating a peaceful and just world.

Consuelo continues to sing her beloved Sephardic music and is working on another Sephardic album at the moment, but she will also continue to sing her peace and transformation songs and encourage everyone she comes into contact with to wake up from the apathy and materialistic obsession of our corporate mass media culture and take responsibility for creating a world that works for everyone and open to amazing spiritual realities beyond our presently limited consciousness.

For more info and for bookings and for links on how to get involved, please check out www.consueloluz.com


Missing Water
CD $14.99 catalog# S9384800041

I Want to Love You (mp3)
Wings of Eden (mp3)

CD $14.99 catalog# cldcd-100

Ki Mitsion/Que De Tsion (From Out Of Zion)
Ahot Ketena/Hermana Pequeña (Little Sister)
Rahamana/A Dio Piadozo (Oh Merciful God)
Yo Sé Que Yo Amo
CD $14.99 catalog# cldcd-101

La Tierra Abazdré
Donde Sea Que Voy
Jewish Odyssey
CD $15.98 catalog# put 182-2

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