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Caron Vikre, following a three-year absence, returns with "THE DEAD SWIM", arguably her best and most moving disc to date. It's a magnificent, cohesive collection of songs that reflect her continuing quest for lyrical pop perfection. Deceptively buoyed by catchy pop melodies, her lyrics use a watery imagery as a metaphor for a deeper journey. "THE DEAD SWIM" is a work of uncompromising honesty and intelligence.

Caron's hypnotic live performances, alluring vocals and incredible band have long captivated audiences in California...the loyalty of her fans is legendary.

Her 4 previous CD's have won numerous awards and received radio airplay across the United States, and internationally in Scandinavia, Japan and Australia.

Now, with "The Dead Swim" it all comes aggressive pop musical attack and a passionate lyrical message ... get to know Caron Vikre ... you won't be disappointed!

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Audio Samples
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Far And Away From "The Dead Swim"
Atlas From "The Dead Swim"
Down In The Ivy from "In The Niche Of Non-Senses"
Hiding Place from "Caron Vikre"
Goodmorning World from "Saqqara"
Insect World From "Alchemy Tattoo"


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