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  Carrie Weiland
Carrie Weiland

There are lots of artists trying to make it to the big time with multi-million-dollar-produced and over-synthesized pop CDs a la Britney Spears. Local singer/songwriter Carrie Weiland, however, sticks to the basics and just lets the music and the lyrics bring listeners back to an era when music meant something more than the next big thing. Weiland’s debut CD, “No Really I’m Fine”, features a wide range of styles from Rhythm and Blues to rock that are fused into one funky sound that is truly unique. Weiland, an Encinitas resident, and her musical partner, Rob Gironda, describe the sound as “Sheryl Crow and Joan Osbourne meet Macy Gray and Sarah McLachlan in a dark alley.”

“It’s very eclectic, and that’s one thing with this CD … that Rob and I discovered over the last few years,” she said. “It’s got your pop/alternative category and it’s got your pop/rock category, but then it’s also kind of moody,” Gironda said. Gironda, who was responsible for writing all the music as well as playing almost all the instruments during preproduction, met Weiland while both played in very popular San Diego County Bands. Both are currently in the band Atomic Groove. Aside from evening shows with the band, Weiland teaches aerobics at Frog’s Club One in Solana Beach and Encinitas, and Gironda gives private music lessons when not scoring music for independent projects and short films from his home studio.

“We actually composed twenty songs in consideration for this CD,” Gironda said. “We have been composing for a while (and) we then took the songs (we were most proud of) to a producer and asked – what do we do?” Their producer and Weiland’s longtime friend, Steve Vaus, (helped) them to narrow the list down to twelve. According to Gironda and Weiland, what took months, perhaps even years to put down on paper or on tape, was completed in two months of solid work in the studio stretched over approximately six months. Now, they are both taking time out to promote their finished product. - North Coast Current - Encinitas, CA


No Really I'm Fine
CD $12.99 catalog# cwcd-100
No Really I'm Fine
It's The Love
It's The Love (mp3)
Divine Light
Divine Light (mp3)
You Love Me (mp3)
Kind (mp3)


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