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  Dominique Gizelle
Dominique Gizelle Dominique A native New Yorker, born in Manhattan and raised throughout the various boroughs and surrounding areas of NYC, Dominique's distinctive songwriting style has definitely been influenced by a 'pull-no-punches' New York mentality.

Born Dominique Gizelle Noguera, the youngest of four musical sisters, Dominique's earliest memories are of a household filled with the sound of piano lessons and practicing. "Almost everyone in my family played the piano, including aunts, uncles and grandparents. My sisters had to schedule shifts for practicing." At the age of eight, Dominique began to study guitar, because as she puts it "… at least it wasn't the piano."

At sixteen Dominique started writing original music. While songwriting served to see her through many emotionally complex and difficult times, she was also honing a strong and distinctive writing style that has become her unmistakable sound.

Her desire to hear her songs performed as she had intended, was her motivation through years of formal voice study with instructors of both classical and pop styles. This extensive training has developed an incredible vocal range, style and ability to convey the most subtle of emotions. "I never really wanted to be a vocalist. I just wanted to be able to perform my songs without scaring anyone."

The decision to produce her own debut album presented some of the most rewarding and challenging experiences of her musical life. Over the past year, Dominique and Hurricane Jar artist and partner Paul Biondi launched the independent label Bang On Records. Together they have created, produced and recorded the material for Deep Down and have begun production on the upcoming Hurricane Jar release.

In the summer of '98 Dominique was invited to join an original comedy theater group and quickly found herself at home on the stage. Visit her Photo Gallery for pictures from recent performances. Dominique is currently cast in a musical murder mystery dinner theater production as Marie LaRue, the voodoo priestess.

Deep Down
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