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Debbie Ladas
Debbie Ladas Debbie Ladas is an award winning songwriter from San Francisco. A solo artist, and one half of the acoustic duo, "sweet harriet", she has won multiple "best song" awards from the Northern Californian Songwriters Association, and the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences (NARAS). With her big voice, and big guitar she is a powerful and moving performer. Her style is a mix of folk, alternative, and country. Using a variety of guitar tunings and rhythms, she combines catchy melodies with evocative lyrics, for a sound that is uplifting yet thought-provoking at the same time.

Debbie Ladas started piano at six, but found her love to be the acoustic guitar, which she picked up during her teenage years. Inspired by folk and country artists initially, her first professional appearance was in Glasgow, Scotland, (Debbie's home town) in 1990, with the band "Don't Talk". When she moved to California in 1996, she hooked up with the California Coast Music Club (CCMC) and was introduced to Katie Brady, fellow songwriter and lead singer of the band, "Crackerjack Tattoo" at a local jam session. History was made that day. They went on to form the highly successful duo,"sweet harriet", playing around the San Francisco Bay Area. They have signed a publishing deal for their material, and continue to perform occasionally as, "sweet harriet", in addition to each developing their own solo careers.

Debbie Ladas is a captivating live performer and has been playing in coffee shops and clubs in the both San Francisco Bay Area and London since 1996. She recorded her first e.p. in London in 2000, called "eve's exile" and has just completed her full length album, "Cocktail Party" in Palo Alto, California in January, 2002.

The album journeys through themes of infidelity, despair, redemption, sex and love, while poking irreverent fun at American cultural icons, in "Barbie" and commenting on the power of television and celebrity, in "Small Fire" and "Scalpel's Edge." The funky gospel folk song, "Music Is A Powerful Thing" is an up-beat sing-along. The tragic tale in the award winning (NARAS) a cappella song, "Dusty Stone Floor" is a dark and brooding masterpiece. The riot grrl song, "Barbie" is all about busting stereotypes, and the title track "Cocktail Party"'s struggle to keep a relationship alive speaks to a part in everyone. Upbeat in parts, and sombre in others, the musical landscape of Cocktail Party is wide, and reflects many facets of human emotion.

"All the songs I write are inspired from a fundamental human truth, but then I try to find unusual images and interesting ways to describe these everyday emotions and situations. There is a lot of sorrow in some of my material, but I also like to write and perform upbeat catchy tunes too." - Debbie Ladas More information can be found at debbieladas.com


Cocktail Party
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Eve's Exile
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