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  Deborah Sumner
Deborah SumnerMy name is Deborah Sumner. I sing, write, perform and teach in the Cowichan Valley here on Vancouver Island. In the past I've sung solo acapella gigs and performed with two groups. The one group being a women's quartet specializing in original material and arrangements, the other a mixed group emphasizing folk and Texas swing music. This is my first solo cd and all pieces are original. There's a real mix of influences and styles here, hence the name of the album "Finding That Place"! To help you decide on what you might like to listen to here's a brief description of each song: Possibility - song with jazz and musical leanings about taking a chance against the odds.

01. Love As Art - easy upbeat look at love as a priceless work of art.
02. Maze - solo voice with piano looking at time and it's twists.
03. Tapestry - four part acapella song in the classical style about reincarnation.
04. Finding That Place - pop song, it's all right in front of your face.
05. Heavenly Hop - Texas swing rendition of heavenly love.
06. Circular Motion - philosophical observations with a Spanish flavour.
07. Audrey - solo acapella dedicated to all care-givers of Alzheimer's victims.
08. Incantation - a vocal spell for fighting depression with decided folk leanings and a silver lining
09. In This Life - take your time, savour the moment, a big song that could have a full orchestra behind it but doesn't!

Travel the pathways of Deborah's lyrical music while it explores questions of time, inner space, physics, love, and living in the moment. Her high clear voice singing solo or interwined in intricate harmonies is used in a blend of musical styles from folk and classical to acapella and texas swing

Finding That Place
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Finding That Place
Love Is Art

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