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  Dar Williams
Dar Williams After college in the early '90s, Williams launched her music career on the Boston-Cambridge coffeehouse folk circuit. In 1994 she recorded her first collection of songs, The Honesty Room, on her own homegrown label where it was picked up by Waterbug Records, then re-released in 1995 to a wider audience by Razor & Tie, the Manhattan-based independent record label which continues to be Williams' home.

With The Honesty Room a bona fide hit (thanks to the popularity of such gems as "You're Aging Well" and "When I Was a Boy," it has sold nearly 100,000 copies), Williams followed up in 1996 with her sophomore disc, Mortal City. It not only out-sold her debut, but it also received widespread critical notice. Spin magazine said "Good singer/songwriters know how to tell a story . . . As younger ones go, Dar Williams is perhaps the most promising." And the Chicago Tribune called her "emotionally present, politically earnest, a born storyteller with a self-effacing humor and armed with a voice that soars and rattles the bones."

Williams has kept her formidable legion of fans happy by touring for a good portion of the time between End of the Summer and the recording of The Green World. A major component of her success, past tours have included stints on the Lilith Fair, the collaborative project Cry Cry Cry and have seen her share the stage with artists like Richard Thompson and Ani DiFranco. Williams also has been actively involved in many environmental and social justice movements, including her non-profit foundation, The Snowden Environmental Trust, which helps preserve wildlife habitats around the world.

Throughout her career Williams has eschewed clichéd and superficial expression in favor of digging deeper. She aspires to an artistry that not only entertains but also informs and inspires-where the personal intersects with the political, where beauty blooms from the darkness, where journeys through discord lead to clarity. "I'm just holding up mirrors at interesting places," she says. "I'm trying to capture life at strange angles." And as for what category of music she sees herself in these days, Williams says, "Sixties folk rock was my original muse and the folk audience-people who listen to music off the beaten track-fostered my career. I definitely don't want to abandon the genre but I also need to make sure I'm Dar Williams first."

Out There Live
CD $16.97 catalog# rt82871
Out There Live
The Ocean
The Green World
CD $16.97 catalog# rt82856
The Green World
After All
End Of The Summer
CD $16.97 catalog# rt82830
End Of The Summer
Are You Out There
Mortal City
CD $16.97 catalog# rt82821
Mortal City
The Christians And The Pagans
The Honesty Room
CD $16.97 catalog# rt82816
The Honesty Room
This Is Not The House That Pain Built
Cry Cry Cry
CD $16.97 catalog# rt82840
Cry Cry Cry

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