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  Eliza Gilkyson
Eliza GilkysonThe daughter of successful folksinger Terry Gilkyson, Eliza is a third-generation poet/musician who, growing up in Los Angeles, knew that her life would revolve around music. "I got into it for all the wrong reasons, more as a survival tool then anything else, but it proved to serve me more than I dared to imagine it ever could." As a young teenager she recorded demos for her dad (who wrote folk/pop music hits "Greenfields", Marianne", and "Memories are Made of This", among others) and started writing and recording her own material as well.

In her late teens Eliza moved to New Mexico to pursue an alternative lifestyle and eventually raised a family, while continuing to perform, write and record. Over the years she developed a loyal fan base in the Southwest and Texas, as well as a uniquely intimate style shaped by her personal experiences and her need to stay true to her muse. She cut numerous records, including her most well known work on Gold Castle Records, 1987's Pilgrims, which charted and gave her a questionable reputation as a new age artist due to its introspective and atmospheric nature.

Pilgrims was a departure from her folk-driven roots, but it helped expand her popularity and gave her the opportunity to write, record and tour with Swiss harpist Andreas Vollenweider in the early 90's."Living and touring in Europe and working with Andreas opened me up to a much more spontaneous approach to music" she says, "and in a way gave me a chance to rediscover myself as a vocalist and a songwriter." With Hard Times In Babylon, Eliza's homecoming was secure with a strong collection of songs, lean production, and a vocal confidence only hinted at in her previous recordings. Although she still avoids stylistic categories, she continues to evolve musically as a storyteller with blood ties to folk music blended with a pop-influenced passion for a large melody and deep personal lyrics.

Eliza Gilkyson's newest release on Red House Records, Lost and Found, is a natural evolution from her critically acclaimed previous recording, Hard Times in Babylon. Utilizing co-producer Mark Hallman and the same team of top-notch Austin musicians, as well as her brother Tony Gilkyson (of "X" fame) on guitar, this CD is a collection of stories of lives and loves lost and found. The production is sparse, the lyrics convey Eliza's depth of experience, and her voice is, as always, commanding and assured, conveying a tough vulnerability as she weaves tales both personal and archetypical. "I feel the human story is that of losing and finding ourselves again and again, as individuals and as a collective, hopefully figuring out a few things along the way." Eliza has lived to tell the tale in her own unique way, of a soul that has been "lost and found" in its myriad forms.

Additional information can be found at http://www.elizagilkyson.com

Lost and Found
CD $17.99 catalog# rhr162
Lost and Found
Welcome Back
Hard Times In Babylon
CD $16.99 catalog# rhr146
Hard Times In Babylon
CD $16.99 catalog# egcd-100

Redemption Road
OUT OF PRINT catalog# mti397
Redemption Road
Pilgrims (Out Of Print)
Land Of Milk And Honey
CD $16.99 catalog#rhr174
milk and honey
Hiway 9.mp3
Dark Side Of Town.mp3

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