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  Esther Ofarim
Esther Ofarim Esther Ofarim is an Israeli entertainer, formerly well-known for her partnership with her husband Abi Ofarim. Esther Ofarim was born Esther Zaied on June 13, 1941 in Nazareth. In 1959 she met Abi Ofarim; they married and began to sing Hebrew and international folksongs. In 1960 Esther got a small role in the super-film "Exodus". In 1961 Esther won at the Song Festival in Tel Aviv, where she sang "Saeni imcha bemachol" and "Neama". 1963 Esther made the 2nd place at the Grand Prix Eurovision Song Contest with "T'en vas pas". From then on, their career began: Esther sang, with Abi on guitar and his backing vocals. In 1966 they had their first hit in Germany with "Noch einen Tanz". Their greatest Success in Germany was "Morning of my life" in 1967, which was written by the Bee Gees. In 1968 the Ofarims had their international breakthrough with "Cinderella Rockefella" From then on, they played many live concerts in New York and London. In 1969 they toured around the world. Then their domestic and business crisis began. They divorced in 1970. Esther started her solo career with several albums, concerts and films. In 1984 she played in Joshua Sobol's piece "Ghetto", produced by Peter Zadek in Berlin (Germany). There she sang some songs, including "Fruehling" and "Unter Deinen weissen Sternen", which she sang with her wonderful voice and charm. The play was very successful, mainly because of Esther's great presence. Today Esther Ofarim gives several concerts every year, especially in Israel and Germany. She does annual concerts in the Hamburger Kammerspiele, where she has great success and tickets are hard to get.

The above biography and photograph is taken from www.esther-ofarim.de where much more information on Esther Ofarim can be found. The biography was written by Conny Drees the www.esther-ofarim.de webmaster.

Please visit Esther Ofarim's official web site at www.estherofarim.com


Esther Ofarim Double (1998)
CD $24.99 catalog# 64001

D'm'ot shel mal'akhim
Neula hi dalti

Disc 1
Disc 2

Live In Tel Aviv (1988)
CD $14.99 catalog# 14317

Zemer Nuge

Esther Ofarim (1997)
CD $15.99 catalog# 64389

shir aviv

Melodie Einer Nacht (2003)
CD $24.99 catalog# bcd16558

Melodie einer Nacht (mp3)
Morgen ist alles vorüber (mp3)

Mein Weg zu mir / 3 CDs (1999)
CD $24.99 catalog#538982-2

Back on Stage(2005)
Recorded in Concert Hannover 2003
CD $29.99 catalog# tm68852

Dirty old town (mp3)
In Germany before the war(mp3)


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