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Live: All the Way from America Now Available CD and DVD

Joan completed an extensive World tour including North America in the summer of 2003. To mark the success of these gigs, Joan decided to record one of these concerts. This CD and DVD was recorded during one single show only! This performance was recorded on the evening of June 25, 2003, at the Lillian Fontaine Garden Theatre in Saratoga, California, USA. This is only the second official live recordings of one of her shows. The last was Steppin' Out (1979). All the music you hear is being played live by three superb musicians except for a sequenced drum pattern on "Tender Trap" and "Kissin' And A Huggin."
Sound Samples:

All the Way from America

  CD Track Listings: 
Down to Zero Save Me
All The Way From America Love And Affection
Prove Yourself Lovers Speak
Physical Pain Rosie
Tender Trap Kissin' And A Huggin'
The Weakness In Me Me Myself I
Let's Talk About Us Willow
Join The Boys Blessed

  DVD Track Listings:     (In Stereo and 5.1 Surround Sound)
Down To Zero
Love And Affection
All The Way From America Crazy For You
Prove Yourself Lovers Speak
Physical Pain Love Bug
You Made Your Bed
Tender Trap
Mama Mercy
The Weakness In Me
Kissin' And A Huggin'
Let's Talk About Us
Me Myself I
Join The Boys
Save Me
Everyday Boy  
  Bonus Tracks:
Bottom To The Top
In These Times (studio version)*
*Produced, directed, edited by Joan Armatrading
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Joan Armatrading's music is effortlessly eclectic with sounds ranging from folk to sophisticated pop, an apt mix for a performer born under the palms of the West Indies and raised beneath the smokestacks of Birmingham, England. By the early '70s, Joan moved to London and released her debut Whatever's for Us. The career that followed has seen the birth of classics - Love and Affection, Down to Zero, Drop the Pilot, Me Myself and I and The Weakness in Me-two Grammy nominations, 18 gold records and 10 platinum records in seven countries by 1980, plus consistent, enviable critical acclaim. Her latest album What's Inside has hailed many praises from USA Today stating "Her rich-timbered vocals and muscular guitar playing are the strength of this album" to the New York Times calling it "the more reflective tone of her best 1970s work. The first single of the album has made its way to the top of the triple A charts. The influence of Armatrading's work over the past 23 years continues to be felt. Melissa Etheridge chose Armatrading's Love and Affection for the finale of the first VH1 Duets, performing it with Joan Osborne, Jewel and Paula Cole. Etheridge has also covered "The Weakness in Me" which Armatrading claims "is one of the best versions that I've heard of somebody doing one of my tunes."

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