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  Jessie Farrell
Jessie Farrell Jessie Farrell’s recent debut CD Today is quickly grabbing the attention of leading members of the music industry and the public alike. Propelled by smart lyrics and an established pop sound she "sings with the depth and veracity that helps articulate other people’s emotions" (George Stroumboulopoulos, Much Music). As such, Vancouver based Jessie’s smooth voice clearly articulates the soulful emotions and experiences of an individual well beyond her years. "In day to day life, it’s unthinkable to be so honest and so raw. But that’s my privilege as a singer-songwriter" says Jessie. Jessie’s release Today showcases the depth and breadth of her musicianship and abilities as an artist. Following its release, Jessie collaborated with the acclaimed songwriter Jim Vallance (Bryan Adams, Aerosmith) to remix two tracks from Today for radio. The first single, Don’t Even Try, will be serviced to radio stations across Canada in July 2002 with the video scheduled for release in August 2002.

Jessie’s tracks rise above the pain and struggle arising from the tragic loss of her younger brother in 2001. Soulful lyrics comprised of both strength and hope pervade each song. Citing diverse influences such as Leonard Cohen, Sade and Dido, Jessie’s warm pop sound transcends genres and audiences alike. Hooked in by rich lyrics and lilting melodies, her music pulls the listener along from track to track. "Her lyrics are passionate and from the heart, while speaking the truth" (Brad Leggatt, MTV Select).

While having generated a great deal of interest from record labels in both Canada and the USA, Jessie chose to release Today independently. Believing that there is never only one path to achieve a goal, her sense of self and determination to follow her own course have driven her to the edge of stardom. It is this quality that allows her to write "true songs about real life, instinctively matching the words with melodies you find yourself humming long after the music’s stopped playing" (Paul Grant, CBC Radio).

With a sound and presence rife with sincerity and passion, Jessie is creating a buzz within industry circles. "Next time we talk about a Vancouverite with any hope of conquering the pop music charts, remind me to bring up Jessie Farrell’s name" (Tom Zillich, WestEnder). Check out Jessie Farrell today.

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