Judy Frankel

Check out Judy's new book with companion CD Sephardic Songs in Judeo-Spanish
Fifty hauntingly beautiful traditional and original Sephardic songs from the repertoire of Judy Frankel, internationally acclaimed concert artist/lecturer. Ms Frankel has brought her outstanding musicanship and intimate knowledge of Sephardic music to audiences world-wide. All selections appear with melody line, chords, transliterations, translations and annotations. A compact disc featuring 17 songs found in the book, is included.

ALBUMS: Stairway of Gold, Sephardic Songs of Love and Hope, Silver and Gold, Tresoros Sephardis (Sephardic Treasures)
Judy Frankel is included with Aretha Franklin, Patsy Cline and Ani di France in the 6-CD "DIVAS" compilation of internationally renowned women singers recorded on the Rounder Records label.

FILM AND VIDEO APPEARANCES: "Trees Cry for Rain", "Havana Nagila" (U.S.); "Aristides de Sousa Mendes" (Portugal). "The Many Faces of the Sephardim", "My Family Came from Rhodes", "Secret Jews of the Southwest" (U.S. videos)

MAJOR CONCERT APPEARANCES: Atlanta, Berkeley, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Honolulu, Indianapolis, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Memphis, Miami, Newport, New York, Phoenix, Portland, Providence, San Diego, San Francisco, Santa Fe, Seattle, Tucsan, Tulsa; Barcelona, Havana, Krakow, Lisbon, Madrid, Montreal, Paris and Santiago de Cuba .

MEDIA APPEARANCES: TV- Boston (PBS and CBS), Dallas (NBC- "Good Morning Dallas"); Lisbon and Macau (LTP). RADIO- Berkeley (KPFA), Boston (WCRB), Cupertino (KKUP), Honolulu (NPR), Los Angeles (KCSN), San Francisco (KALW, KDFC, KKHI, KUSF and NPR- "West Coast Weekend"); Jerusalem Radio, Radio Madrid, Paris Radio.. ...

CD COMPILATIONS which include Judy Frankel's songs: Mediterranean Lullaby (Ellipses Arts), La Yave (Frea Records), Celebrate Hanukkah (Craig N Co), Celebrate Jewish Love Songs (Craig N Co), Un Kavretiko (gozlemkitap.com).

- "Frankel's voice is warm and graceful, assured and unpretentious..."

Option Magazine-
"We're just lucky we have Judy Frankel's lovely alto (like Joan Baez, but better)..."

Tucsan Citizen-
"Frankel's pure, vibrate-less tone, unfailing pitch and clarity of enunciation served all the music well."

Sing Out!-
"Her voice is graceful, ravishing... meltingly warm delivery..."

Rhythm Music Magazine-
"Judy Frankel’s voice is too lovely... All (of the songs) are beautifully sung."

Moment Magazine
Readers voted “Judy Frankel one of the ten best Jewish musicians in the U.S. along with Itzhak Perlman, the Klezmer Conservatory Band, Debbie Friedman and the late Shlomo Carlebach.”

Dirty Linen- "
"...(one) of today's most evocative Jewish singers..."

SAN FRANCISCO: “... Fabulous performance... an incredibly gifted artist. I have heard nothing but rave reviews.”

BERKELEY: “...magnificent performance... an inspiration...”

LOS ANGELES: “Judy Frankel: the Jenny Lind of ‘The Songs of the Sephardim’. The quality of her voice was so pure that I was almost lulled into a state of euphoria. (her) show was beyond perfection...

SAN DIEGO: “’Frankel Recital A Treasure’...polished style...warm and expressive.”

SEATTLE: “...(Her) voice is beautiful...full of feeling and vibrant with life. When I heard you singing ‘O Mis Hermanos’... I wanted to cry, because your heart and soul so perfectly expressed the meaning behind the words.”

DENVER: “Her songs are mesmerizing, the sound transcends any language barrier. Timeless is one word I would use to describe her music.”
TUCSON: “Frankel’s pure, vibrato-less tone, unfailing pitch and clarity ...striking, gracefully ornamented...”

DALLAS: “Judy Frankel, the lady with the golden voice... (Her) crystal-clear, beautiful voice enchants and delights her audiences...”

DETROIT: “Beautiful adaptation... Great singing and playing of acustic guitar.”

CHICAGO: “Ms Frankel is a splendid performer... She demonstrates a great feeling for and understanding of the text she sings... She...sings with intensity, tenderness and dignity.”

NEW YORK: “...magnificent... She sings from the heart and has the ability to deeply move her listeners.”

PARIS: ..we find a particularly outstanding balance between voice and instrument, and the kind of clear and correct pronunciation that is typical throughout Judy’s recordings. ...the purity of her voice and the perfection of her technique. ...(sung) with a great deal of talent, dignity and restraint. As an interpreter and composer, Judy Frankel is a great lady of music - and, even more, a Great Lady.”

PORTUGAL: “...absolutely beautiful... Every word of critical acclaim about you is true.”

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  • Consuelo Luz
  • Savina Yannatou
  • Rita Glassman
  • Pharaoh's Daughter
  • Fortuna

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    Una Tarde De Verano from "Silver & Gold"
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    La Vida Do Por El Riki from "Sephardic Songs Of Love And Hope"
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    'Scalerica de Oro from "'Scalerica de Oro"
    (RA File 8 bit, mono, 22k Hz, Approx 1.0 min.)

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