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Jenifer Jackson
Spellbinding. This haunting NYC artist weaves a web of deep sensuality, and of beauty. She is the kind of siren that enchanted legendary sailors, who lost their bearings and dashed their crafts against rocky shores. I'd already heard this record a number of times, so I thought while I listened anew, that I would do a couple of things around the house. By the middle of the first song, I was sitting on the couch with the speakers roaring, my head in my hands, lost in a reverie on the wonder of woman.

Her melodies are vast, dreamy sculptures that take you right out of your body. Her singing is so smooth and inviting, you need only allow yourself to float away to where that voice is leading you. Every song seems to end too soon, and you start to fall, and then you hit another air current, and climb again.

I have a weakness for all grooves resembling the bossa nova, and I love the way she writes in this feel, but it's only a turn of the diamond in her hand. I'm always in search of pop music that's suitable for adults, and she's high on my list. If your life is too busy, and you need someone to calm you down, here's a record that will touch you in a place where it all makes sense again.

CD $14.99 catalog# par068

The Fade Real Audio
Mercury, The Sun And Moon Real Audio
Slowly Bright
CD $14.99 catalog# JJCD-100

Slowly Bright Real Audio
Whole Wide World Real Audio
Love Lane
CD $9.99 catalog# JJCD-101

Mercury, the Sun and Moon Real Audio
Burned Down Summer Real Audio
So High
CD $15.99 catalog# 3286201392

Down So Low Real Audio

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