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  Josie Kreuzer
Josie Kreuzer A purr and a growl. a sultry twang. this wild tigress knows how to rock! Josie Kreuzer, the sizzling, red hot rockabilly gal formerly of the Los Angeles based, all-girl rockabilly band Whistle Bait. recently released her debut solo CD "Hot Rod Girl" on SheDevil Records.

Josie's CD "Hot Rod Girl" is full of ardent candor, with a driving switchblade beat. If you were to take a pint of the Blasters, a shot of Gene Vincent, a dash of Dwight Yoakam, mix them with a twist of Patsy Cline and top it off with Wanda Jackson, Josie Kreuzer would be the result. Her sultry, growling vocals and "good ol' girl" style of songwriting lasso's your heart and soul, pumping you up like a double espresso, pulling you into her rockabilly world like a magnet to a Fridgedaire (or more appropriately, a red hot stove). There hasn't been a female artist in a very long time that can write or sing a song with the raw power that was so prevalent with that of the honky tonk/rockabilly artists of the 1950's and 60's, and Josie Kreuzer does just that - but with her own twist.

Favorite Press Quotes
"The sexy, sultry voice of San Diego songstress Josie Kreuzer simmered, sighed curd smoked it's way into my smiling skull. If Sun era Johnny Cash could have taken female form, it would have been hers. Josie has struck it out on her own, bringing her acoustic guitar, Marilyn Monroe-like good looks and authentic rockabilly stylings to the burgeoning Americana movement. In a completely fair world she would have already amassed consicierable air time on commercial country radio, but FM is far from a fair format. Swimming in the same waters as classic honky tonk sirens Patsy Cline, Wanda Jackson and Janis Martin, Josie has the vocal talent, sex-appeal and musical ability to snatch that 'rockabilly queen ' tiara for her own golden brow. "
- Del Villarreal "Go Cat Go" WCBN 88.3 FM, Detroit

"Whistle Bait's radiant blonde singer has all the come-hither loob of a naughty cheerleader, but, more interestingly, projects the strength and selfsuficiency of an assured country artist like Patsy Cline. Moreover, she clings to material that shows her twangy, nasal tone, giving the band's songs a smoky, honky tonk shading that is irresisrible "...
- Sandi Salina Messina, LA Village View

"Josie's leads on vocals were extensive. Her voice Powed through the tightly packed upstairs room and made your heart pump. She sang with that counny twang almost comparable to the notorious Patsy Cline...
- Mary Denise, Rock City News

... "And when Josic sings my knees get a little weak. She possesses that classic rockabilly hiccup and growl"...
- Cameron Diaz, The Grindstone

Additional info can be found at josiekreuzer.com

Beggin Me Back
CD $15.99 catalog# shedev-1952
Beggin Me Back
Lucky and Wild
As Is
CD $13.99 catalog# sd1951
As Is
Ain't Got A Clue
Hot Rod Girl
CD $13.99 catalog# sd1950
Hot Rod Girl
Wild Man

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