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  Jenn Lindsay
Jenn Lindsay Jenn Lindsay is a Brooklyn-based folksinger who was raised by wolves on the moors of England. Her live shows consequently have a raw emotional quality that speaks to estranged musicians everywhere; her song I am Not Going Home Yet demonstrates the lupine stubbornness that she has developed whilst playing guitar in the subways of New York and eating saltine crackers for dinner.
Okay, really truly, she's from San Diego, but she's still a lot of fun. And her shows, if not wolfish, are certainly energetic, enjoyable and intelligent. Lach from the NYC East Village's Sidewalk Café Antifolk scene has recently named her "an exciting newcomer…fun, poignant, and charming." She is described as a "phenomenon," (Peter Dizozza, author of Prepare to Meet Your Maker), a "welcome blast of taste and sincerity" (nyc.makemusic.org). and "one of the best live performers I've seen in any genre" (CD Baby). Her music itself is described as a "veritable tsunami of excellent writing" (Grand Rapids University) and "the most exciting thing to come out of NYC folk music since the 60s" (Blurb).
While not nailing Jell-O to trees or pushing mounds of wet pasta up hills, JENN LINDSAY employs her music as political activism, in the Puss N Boots Festival 2002 (www.pussfest.com), Girlsalon, and NYC Gay/Lesbian center Artistic Residencies. Jenn started gigging while at the Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts, playing in skeezy British pubs where patrons ate fish sandwiches and stared dully at Jenn while she learned how to strum chords and chew gum at the same time. She moved on to San Francisco and successfully distracted folks from their beers as she quickly made a name for herself as an influential and integral artist to the East Bay political scene. She regularly played her original guitar tunes at feminist gatherings, Take Back the Night rallies, political art festivals, and regularly showcased at coffeehouses and nightspots in Palo Alto, California. JENN LINDSAY was employed as a musical activist by the Stanford Women's Community Center, the Stanford Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual Community Resources Center, and by the Stanford Coalition Against Sexual Assault.
One day girlfriend grabbed her guitar and her head full o dreams and transplanted herself to New York City, where she plays prominently at the Central Park Naumberg Bandshell, The Sidewalk Café (and in the twice-annual Anti-Folk Fests), Meow Mix, The Rising (Brooklyn's Finest Folk!), The Raven, P.E.R.I.O.D. (a Brooklyn rocker-grrrl collective), the Spit East Performance Collective, and Bluestockings Women's Bookstore Collective. She plays at the twice-annual Cutting Edge of the Campfire Festival at Club Passim in Boston as well as touring frequently to the West Coast and appearing in other New England venues. Her music is showcased on a number of internet and college radio stations.
2002 sees the release of two critically acclaimed albums, THE STORY OF WHAT WORKS and GOTTA LOTTA. GOTTA LOTTA is a "pretty brilliant collection of songs... really rich" (Casey Holford, NYC Antifolk), called "excellent" (www.americana-uk.com) and "a shinging star among tin foil" (Columbia University). Over all, Jenn Lindsay offers "thought-provoking witty lyrics, great musicality, a tremendous voice, and an awesome stage presence that engages everyone in the room. Jenn and her baby rock out, for G-d sakes, SEE HER!!!" (Russ Agdern, Musician's Union Local 1000)
JENN LINDSAY writes super-fun super-duper honest lyrics and she tries hard, as a folksinger, to be a spokesperson for political issues, while also striving to write music that can be enjoyed in an apolitical context. Because she doesn't know what she's doing, really, in any serious battle-worthy technical sense, her music retains the inventive and compelling stamp of complete, joyful naïveté. Coupled in turn with a dusty natty wacky straight up folky sense of what she needs to say to make her way, JENN LINDSAY's a hot potato, and happily so.
Gotta Lotta
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Gotta Lotta
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