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  Jo Miller
Jo Miller To hillbilly music fans, Jo Miller and the Burly Roughnecks are a new favorite. For those who aren't already fans, JMBR will win you over with a musical display of rockin' hillbilly swing that is sure to make you holler! Guitar, accordion, upright bass and vocals blend together in a pulsing, rollicking groove of pure pleasure.

You might remember Jo Miller as the founding member and front person for the Seattle-based band Ranch Romance. Known for her consumate performance style and decisive original vocals, she and the band built quite a local name. Joined by Nova Devonie and David Keenan in '91, Ranch Romance went on to become national favorites playing concerts, festivals and dances throughout the United States and Canada. They won several Northwest music awards, and released three CD's which are still available on the Sugar Hill label.

After eight years of life on the road, Ranch Romance said good-bye to their devoted fans and took a well deserved break. Well, break time is over! The long, lonely nights are now at an end and nothing else matters, they're together again.

Jo Miller: Jo grew homesick for being gone, and now that she's back she's a real gone cat. Her musical evolution has moved from bluegrass and western swing to honky-tonk and hillbilly jump. Jo is recognized for writing songs from another era and making vintage gems her own. She accompanies her large vocal sound by smackin' out the rhythm on her mighty Epiphone. Style is her specialty, taste is her trademark, and there is nothing tastier than the Burly sound the Roughnecks lay down.

Live and Then Some!
CD $14.99 catalog# rch001
Live and Then Some!
I'm So Blue
Uh Oh
Jo Miller And Laura Love Sing Bluegrass And Old-Time Music
CD $14.99 catalog# ro100
Jo Miller And Laura Love Sing Bluegrass And Old-Time Music
Ranch Romance - Blue Blazes
CD $14.99 catalog# 3794
Ranch Romance - Blue Blazes
Ranch Romance - Flip City
CD $14.99 catalog# 3813
Ranch Romance - Flip City

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