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  Jennifer Onesto
Jennifer Onesto Rock and Roll certainly isn't dead. In a wake of grunge, hip-hop, and endless sub-genres of alternative rock, Jennifer Onesto carves out her niche by bringing back that four-on-the floor rock that is sadly missing in recent years. Jennifer's new release, Twenty Houses, is an album that offers a true alternative: A fully produced wall of sound. Terrific melodies and harmonies. Big guitar-driven accompaniment. You won't find any spare, jumbled mixes with wispy, off-key lead vocals here. On the contrary, Jennifer has a phenomenal voice, harkening back to the great female rock artists of the 60's and 70's. She has a clear, rich, alto voice of uncommon quality - versatile enough to be equally at home singing a driving rock tune as well as a soulful ballad.

Don't think that Jennifer is a retro rocker, dragging tired classic rock back from the grave - that couldn't be further from the truth. Jennifer is definitely an artist of today, skillfully blending many influences into a tight, focused, cohesive sound with great rhythm and energy. She brings a modern sensibility to production as well. Her arrangements and instrumentation are deep, not nearly as spare as most contemporary alternative rock.

Jennifer's songwriting is an example of what all songwriters should aspire to, regardless of genre. She blends intelligent lyrics and exceptional melodies into memorable and radio-ready hooks; the kind that play in your head days after you've heard them. On the whole, Jennifer Onesto's Twenty Houses is a fresh, welcome approach to modern rock and a great addition to any collection.

Twenty Houses
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Twenty Houses
Isn't It Funny

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