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  Jami Sieber
Jami Sieber Seattle-based musician/composer Jami Sieber is a pioneer of her instrument: the electric cello. Jami not only enlarges the vocabulary of the cello by employing signal processing and various performance techniques, she then transforms the sounds into music that is evocative an memorable. Her style of performance has been recognized throughout the Northwest. In 1988 she received the Northwest Area Music Association (NAMA) Award for Best Rock Instrumentalist, no easy feat for a cellist.

Jami began studying classical music at an early age and perfomred in numerous orchestras and ensembles. Her classical roots gave her both the foundation for her relationship with the instrument and also deepened her passion for music and the arts.

Jami has composed music for film (Bond, Alice Ray director 1991); theatre (Angels in America, Intiman Theatre 1994, Frankenstein, Intiman Theatre 1989, T.S. Crossing, Allegro Series 1989,); and dance (Llory Wilson's Tallulah Dance Co., On the Boards 1994, Jeff Bickford, Allegro Series 1990). She has gained recognition for her work with one of the northwest's most acclaimed urban/rock bands, Rumors of the Big Wave. Jami has appeared as guest artist on numerous recordings, and has toured as back-up cellist/vocalist with Warner Bros. Recording artist, Ferron and Shanackie artist Karen Pernick.

In her first independently produced solo recording lush mechanique, she explores the breadth of her instrument creating sounds never associated with the cello before. Victory Music says, " . . . these musical paintings hang, framed in her own passion and dreams. If you've ever taken a journey of the soul, be it to another place or your own backyard, this music will play back every scene." Jami released her second recording Second Sight in October of 1998.

As stated in the liner notes " . . . even when you don't think it's a cello it probably is", she explores the breadth of her instrument. Her compositions blend beauty, integrity, and eclectic musical elements to creat an innovative work. From the rhythmic playfulness in "Dancing at the Temple Gate" to the pathos of "Your Leaving" the cello reaches into your heart. She is joined by northwest artists Will Dowd (percussion), Lous Peralta (percussion), and Kim Scanlon (vocals).

In 1997, Sieber's recording lush mechanique was among Ladyslipper's top ten best-selling recordings by female artists with the likes of Indigo Girls, k.d. lang, and Ani DiFranco.

Second Sight is a powerful and engaging follow-up to Sieber's first internatinally recognized recording, lush mechanique, which was featured nationally in HEAR Music stores, and Barnes & Noble.


"This rich sonic journey weaves the warmth and beauty of Jami's unsurpassable electric and acoustic cellos with drums, trumpet, sax, piano, accordion, vocals and nylon-stringed guitar . . . A delicious variety in arrangements too, ranging from the full richness of bass, drums and vocals plus cello, to the poignant simplicity of solo cello. One of the most talented musicians we know has gifted us with another expression of her art." - Ladyslipper

"Jami Sieber's electronic cello . . . rattled, buzzed and sang, offering protean timbres and rhythms that helped to lure viewers/listeners . . . and leave them with a haunting, indelible impression." - Michael Upchurch, Seattle Times

"Jami Sieber plays music on electric and acoustic cello with a passion that translates into soul-baring poetry." - Richard Klecka, Conscious Choice Magazine

" . . . these musical paining hang, framed in her own passion and dreams. If you've ever taken a journey of the soul, be it to another place or your own backyard, this music will play back every scene." - Nici De, Victory Music

"Jami Sieber's cello is the sound of my souring heart . . ." - Ferron

"Lush Mechanique is a marvelous, vivid album . . . a testament to Sieber's compositional skills . . . and amazing flexibility and prowess on the electric cello." - Dirty Linen

Additional information can be found at jamisieber.com

Lush Mechanique
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Lush Mechanique
Second Sight
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Second Sight

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