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  Kasey Chambers/Dead Ringer Band
Kasey Chambers By the time her debut album, The Captain, was finally released in America last fall, Kasey Chambers was already a veritable superstar in her native Australia. Back home, The Captain was a double-Platinum, Top 10 album that paved Kasey's way to an armload of industry awards, including two ARIA's (Australian GRAMMYs): Best Country Album in 1999, and more significantly – indeed, historically – Best Female Artist in 2000. It was the first time an artist like Kasey had ever been nominated in the mainstream pop category, let alone won it. As Kasey said in her acceptance speech, "I never thought people like me ever won awards like this."

But of course, none of that really mattered a whit when Kasey first arrived on these shores – an unknown, scrappy 24-year-old punk with a ring in her nose and an unlikely rep for being a star in a far away country most Americans knew very little about. To make any inroads into the U.S. market at all, Chambers would have to start from scratch. Armed with nothing but a year-and-a-half-old album of rootsy, melodic, pop songs written during her teens and a fragile, crackling wonder of a voice quite unlike any singer heard in America since Emmylou Harris, Kasey set out.

It was more than enough. Lucinda Williams, Steve Earle, Dwight Yoakam and even David Letterman were among the notables quick to publicly praise Chambers. The Captain also racked up rave reviews in Rolling Stone, the Village Voice, US Weekly, the Washington Post and scores of other national and regional publications. It eventually finished in the top 100 of the Voice's year-end "Pazz & Jop Critics Poll" as well as Rolling Stone's "Top 50 Albums of the Year 2000" and more than 50 other best-of lists. The following spring found her gaining even more momentum after being the talk of Austin’s "South By Southwest" Music Festival, landing an opening slot with Lucinda Williams' tour and having The Captain's title track prominently featured in the HBO series The Sopranos. She also became the first non-American act to headline Austin City Limits in the show's 26-year history, sharing an episode with Steve Earle. Though still not quite the household name she was Down Under, Kasey nonetheless broke a lot of ground in the U.S. in the span of less than a year. Now, with her genre-defying second album, the aptly titled Barricades & Brickwalls, Kasey stands poised to break through to the next level.

Kasey laughs, knowing it's a losing battle trying to pin down her sound. Ultimately, she doesn't care what people call her music, so long as it remains true to herself. "I'm really happy with how the album came out," she says of Barricades & Brickwalls. "I went through a phase where I felt a little bit of pressure over whether people would like it or not, but I'm pretty happy with it now. If people don't like it, at least I know I'm doing exactly what I want to do.

Bill, Di, Nash and Kasey Chambers are the Dead Ringer Band. The Ringers came to prominence in 1995 when they won the Golden Guitar for Vocal Group of the Year at the Toyota Country Music Awards. They released their album Homefires in 1995. In 1996, The Dead Ringer Band won the ARIA Award for Best Australian Country Release. The second album Living In The Circle was released in 1997. A third album Hopeville has been released featuring the bands favourite songs. 1999 Awards Nominations Vocal Group or Duo: Saddle Boy Vocal Group or Duo: Hello Hopeville 1999 The Dead Ringer Band won Vocal Group or Duo: for Saddle Boy

Barricades and Brick Walls
CD $15.99 catalog# wb48028
Barricades and Brick Walls
Not Pretty Enough
CD $14.99 catalog# kccd-100
Not Pretty Enough
The Captain
CD $14.99 catalog# 47823
The Captain
These Pines
Don't Go
Home Fires
CD $24.99 catalog#B961039
Home Fires
Homefires (mp3)
Australian Son (mp3)
CD $24.99 catalog# B961335
Born To Run (mp3)
White Freightliner Blues (mp3)
Living In The Circle
CD $24.99 catalog# B961347
TLiving In The Circle
Too Confused (mp3)
Living In The Circle (mp3)
Very Best Of...So Far
CD $33.99 catalog# B919488
Very Best Of...So Far
Halfway to Sydney (mp3)
I Wish It Would Rain (mp3)

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