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Katya Chorover
Katya Chorover's song writing combines country, folk, gospel and blues with a contemporary, urban perspective. Her vocals and guitar are compelling and soulful, and her music evokes a powerful emotional response. For her, the music is "about the wild places within and around us… about a search for balance, living life with one foot in the city and the other in the hills". Katya's music brings an audience together, reminding us of our connections to the land, to each other and to community.

"Katya's beautiful sensitive songs seem arise from a clear, well rooted place, and take us to a similar place in ourselves."
-Maureen Jackson, A Womyn's Place.

A native of Boston, Katya moved to the Northwest and began writing and performing her own material over ten years ago. Her music has been featured nationally and internationally at festivals, colleges, community centers and cafes. Katya is currently on tour in support of her latest release, "The Clearing" (self-published, 1998 on her own label, Cat and the Moon Music). The album has been garnering excellent reviews and is selling fast. It has been receiving airplay on both commercial and community radio stations throughout the nation. The album features some of Seattle's finest musicians (Cary Black-basses, Zak Borden-mandolin, Mark Ivester-drums, Will Dowd-percussion, Paul Benoit-slide guitar, and Michael Gray-fiddle).


"Terrific bluesey drive and pulse. Her songs carry messages and great images...A major folk songwriter and vocalist." - Chris Lunn, Victory Review

"I was hooked by the powerful duo of Katya's voice and acoustic guitar. [Her] lyrics address social, and environmental issues... igniting emotion in her listeners...powerful songs." - YO, Axis Music and Media Dispatch

"One of the best singers I've ever heard!" - Jim Page, Folk Troubador

"Terrific! Her lyrics are beautiful and carefully crafted. Her guitar work is precise. Her songs are varied and emotionally effective. Don't pass up a chance to see her perform!" - Don Downing, Northwest Folksters

"Striking and centering originals...Katya's beautiful, sensitive songs seem to arise from a clear, well rooted place and take us to a similar place in ourselves." - Maureen Jackson, Victory Review

"Man, can she SING!" - John Cephas, Blues legend

"Katya's special blend of music...grabbed the audience's attention and held it until the end." - Dave Aneckstein, Harrisburg reporter, MTV Online

"If there was only one folk act to hear, catch Katya Chorover!" - "Sandman", Hood Canal Folk Festival

The Clearing
CD $13.99 catalog# catm-9811

Pathway Home
Off The Map
CD $13.99 catalog# catm-2111

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