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  Kat Danser
Kat Danser Kat Danser is creating quite a buzz in her musical hometown of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Four short years ago Kat picked up the guitar and since that time has crafted a host of songs, released her debut CD, Ascension, (produced by Alberta music legend Ron Casat), and has caught the attention of music media across Canada.

Recently, Kat was delightfully surprised when Canadian music icon, Rita MacNeil made arrangements to meet with Kat and offered support for her musical career ! Legendary bluesman, Eric Bibb, states that "Kat Danser's music is raw and honest reminding me of Iris DeMent".

Kat knew from an early age that she wanted music to be an important part of her life. She learned to play music by ear on an old accordion that was gifted her by a relative. As people in her hometown on Waldron, Saskatchewan would attest, Kat is a natural performer who embraces every opportunity to be on stage. It wasn't until her early 30's that Kat began to play guitar and the rest, they say, is history.

Kat's is a well rounded musician who can create music from a wide variety of influences and communicate them in a powerful manner. She has the gift of being able to craft words into poetry and notes into an intuitive melody. Kat's songs move the listener to laugh and, in the next breath, cry or dance! The creative aspect of her music makes placing her in a particular genre challenging as her only goal is to keep the listener surprised!

Her musical influences include a variety of great artists such as Greg Brown, Guy Clark, Rory Block, Laura Smith and Joan Armatrading. These influences combined with her truly unique approach to contemporary roots & blues have created a pure and soulful sound which is distinctly her own. She plays to sold out performances and shares the stage with award winning musicians including Ellen McEllwaine, Sue Foley, Michael Jerome Browne, David Gogo and Georgette Fry.

Catch one of her performances and you'll soon understand why there is so much energy and excitement about Kat Danser!

Website: www.KatDanser.com

CD $14.99 catalog# kda042002
Substantial Woman Blues
Time Machine

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