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The women of Kanenhi:io represent several nations within the First Nations' people and live in the Wahta Territory in Ontario, Canada. The name Kanenhi:io is a Mohawk word, meaning "the good seeds", which represents the songs, teachings and good way of life that the group shares with all others. In their five years together, Kanenhi:io promotes unity among nations, A philosophy evolved from the relationship between diverse nations of the women singing and travelling together. They share their songs with First Nation communities, Women's Healing and Wellness Conferences, international music festivals and Native Friendship Centres in Canada. As members of the Iroquois Singing Society, Kanenhi:io perform workshops about the drum, ceremonial songs, social songs, and teachings of the Spirit. Kanenhi:io's music is a series of uplifting chants accompanied by the Iroquoian water drum, hand drum and cow horn shakers. The Kanenhi:io CD is a blend of traditional songs, harmonies, and sounds composed by the lead singer Wathahine. The music collection was nominated for the Canadian Aboriginal Music Award for best contemporary/traditional CD. The recording was made possible through the Music Section of the Canada Council.
The Good Seeds
CD $17.99 catalog# UNON2030.2

Akwekon Skennen
CD $15.99 catalog# alu-1041

Kaie:ri Nitoienh Ta'hkwen - Four Direction


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