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Kathy Kallick
Kathy Kallick's incandescent vocals and extraordinary compositions have been the touchstone of a number of bands. In 1975, she co-founded the internationally acclaimed Good Ol' Persons , an innovative and influential unit that was among the first bluegrass-based groups to incorporate other musical forms, feature the singing and song writing of women, and play without a banjo while maintaining a Monroe-inspired edge. In recent years, Kathy has released several "solo" recordings, won a Grammy for her part on True Life Blues: The Songs Of Bill Monroe, was the subject of an M.A. thesis, appeared on compilations of songs about baseball, the family, and Christmas, and has collaborated with many of the country's top acoustic musicians. After a showcase of her compositions in a musically eclectic setting (1993's Matters Of the Heart), a bluegrass/old-time collection of music for the whole family (1994's Use A Napkin (Not Your Mom)), and a highly-regarded return to bluegrass (1996's Call Me A Taxi), Kathy Kallick now presents her first BAND album since 1989. And she's got a great band.

There is a tendency to think of West Coast bluegrass as being softer, jazzier, and somehow “other” than traditional. This can be the case, but there is also a school of bluegrass in Northern California which has, from the beginning, been steeped in Monroe-based tradition—as well as welcoming to women and original songs. The Kathy Kallick Band is a group of musicians born and bred in this traditional brand of West Coast bluegrass. The four are native or long-term Californians, and each has been playing bluegrass since the ’70s. Their music is distinctive and powerful, and brilliantly supportive of the singing and song writing of Kathy Kallick. Additional info can be found at kathykallick.com

My Mothers Voice (2001)
CD $14.99 catalog# cccd-0201

Call Me a Taxi (1996)
CD $15.99 catalog# sug3856

Use a Napkin , Not Your Mom (1995)
CD $15.99 catalog# sug3833



Matters of the Heart (1993)
CD $15.99 catalog# sug3820


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