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  Kellie Powell
Kellie Powell Return From Catatonia is the first CD release from Kellie. A prolific and emotional songwriter, her accomplished and dynamic performance on both the keyboards and guitar paint a lush and heartfelt portrait of life.

Kellie Powell is a singer/songwriter from New Mexico. She grew up in a tiny town situated between two indian pueblos. Lack of local stimuli led her to music at a young age. She studied music at various schools, learned to play several instruments, took vocal lessons, and wrote excessively.

She has been performing professionally since she was a teenager, solo as well as band-type gigs. She currently fronts the rock band MST in the Alb. Area and also is a professional potter/ceramic artist with work sold to people from around the world.

Return From Catatonia is her first self-released CD. She composed, performed (most of it), and produced the work herself. It is a cohesive collection of songs that have lush, melodic piano/keys and percussive guitar sounds that support inb·ospective lyrics and a voice that is powerful, well- ranged and sparkling.

Additional information can be found at whimseyproductions.com

Return From Catatonia
CD $14.99 catalog# wp1001
Return From Catatonia
Return From Catatonia

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