Harmony Ridge Music
Kathleen Yearwood
Little Misery Birds

Les Petites Oiseaux De Misère ( Little Misery Birds) was recorded under duress. The themes of the recording suit this duress well, as it is, more or less, about poverty, exclusion, and desire.

One poignantly feels desire when one is excluded, desire for something other than poverty even if only something other than poverty of spirit.

Out of homelessness, out of the perception that one has no future, once in awhile the desire to create emerges. There is very little energy for this occupation, but it is an act of survival .

I recorded these songs in Toronto and then again in Alberta, in little tattered pieces, always seemingly in bitter cold. Was there any summer that year? Not while this recording was being made. (1995)

((This recording is best listened to in the dark, with headphones. The dark is for you and the headphones are for your housemates, so they can continue to live with you.)) You know those little birds in the winter that fly according to the contours of the landscape? Well, apparantly, the european settlers decided to set nets along the hillsides in Quebec to trap the little birds so they could be eaten.

Because, apparantly, the settlers thought that there were so many wild animals and birds and fish in this country that they could slaughter them without thought for the future. And soon they were desperately netting little birds. I was told that each bird made hardly a mouthful.

That's the story ofthe Little Misery Birds.
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