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Laurie has made available very special Collector Editions CDRs of the following albums:
The Invisible Invisible Nineline Productions/Laurie's Oranges l996/Unreleased
Sixty Stanely Road Independently Released Cassette l995
Particles Of The World Produced by Govinda
Fifty Words For Snow
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The Invisible Invisible From "Songs From The Ninline"
The Nineline From "Songs From The Ninline"
Give It Away From "Singles Sketches/Demo II"
White Hail From "Fifty Words For Snow"
Smells Like Truth From "Smells Like Truth"
Spin (MP3) From "7 Songs"


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"At The Bitter End, Ms. Freelove and her backup musicians turned songs into dreamscapes. Her melodies and words clawed against sustained arrangements that drew listeners into the songs, carrying the turbulent introspection of her album, Smells Like Truth, to the stage. In her songs, it is a voice of otherwordly reveries...Her lyrics are full of suspense and private drama."
---New York Times

"Unearthly and edgy, her music invites comparisons to Kate Bush in her more extreme flights of fancy or to the intensity of Marianne Faithful's "Broken English."
---Rolling Stone

"Smells like Truth, Freelove's debut album, sounds like something new... Despite having lived in Austin for the past nine years, Freelove creates a cavernous, Mid-Eastern-tinged sound that has little to do with current Texas trends."
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"Laurie Freelove, whose debut solo album Smells Like Truth received critical raves, is back with a new set - Songs From The Nineline - that confirms her talent as a gifted vocalist..."

"Songs From the Nineline is an impressive collection of Laurie's live in-the-studio and club performances. The album clearly demonstrates Laurie's unusual style, which employs creative arrangements, dramatic acoustic instrumentation, and unorthodox melodic phrasing. The result is a sound that can be likened to the flare and swash of a painter's brush."
-- - Album Network

"Laurie Freelove burns with a fiece engulfing passion on her debut, Smells Like Truth...Freelove was signed to the London-based label (Ensign) that nurtured Sinead O'Connor, and she is clearly possessed of a similarly wayward talent and intense disposition..."
---The Times

"Her set was...hauntingly stark, lonesome and beautiful. Her material is emotionally packed and demands that the listener listen...When she is making music, this diminutive woman is a giant."
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---New York Post

"The debut from Texas-based Laurie Freelove is a folk/pop odyssey with psychedelic fringes and otherwordly sound effects...She incorporates many global sounds in complementing atmospherics, tribal rhythyms, hypnotic chants and complex structures...Emotion is the order du jour here, and it is served up with a haunting beauty that is aggressive, vivid and quite startling, especially for a debut..."

"...You've probably heard Laurie before, whether you know it or not. Scary, how these things infiltrate our lives, kind of like fluoridated water and call waiting. Fortunately, Laurie Freelove is much more refreshing than the former and more personal than the latter..."
--- The Hard Report

"There's an unearthly quality to her musical atmospherics, made from sounds one can't always readily identify as instruments, that make an inspired match for the dreamlike quality in her suggestive allusive songwriting."
--- Austin American Statesman

"Nothing else from an Austin artist sounds anything like it. This is music without a map, an atmospheric excursion into the artistic unknown, with an uncompromising creativity providing the only compass...a singular achievement."
--- Austin American Statesman, 25 Best Austin Albums of All Time

"The music on Smells Like Truth is quite unlike anything to previously come out of Austin; it is dense, turbulent stuff, laced with hidden voices, aromatic Third World spices and sharp, sometimes caustic insights.

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