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Lee Lindsey
Lee Lindsey'I' is the debut album by Canadian singer-songwriter Lee Lindsey, released on her own Tall Poppy label. 'I' is an eleven-track collection of stylistically varied and richly melodic pop/rock songs. So far so good, but such a glib assessment does a great disservice to songs such as the emotionally stirring, anthemic live showstopper, 'Like A River'- a song which concerns itself with the lives wasted because of America's gun laws. Then there's the title track - 'I' - an emotionally exposed acknowledgement of personal growth through letting go, or 'Heart In The Air', an alternately tough and tender, strongly melodic number which marries a powerful chorus to an appealing country-rock combo sound. The album combines successfully the traditional with the contemporary, making tasteful use of drum loops and the technological alongside good old steel strings and valve amplifiers.

Apart from the lyrical and melodic excellence of Lindsey's works, you'll be immediately impressed by the album's high-quality production values. That's down to Lindsey's partner Jack Guy, who has set up a state-of-the-art Protools studio at home. Jack's musical CV includes working on the INXS classic, 'Elegantly Wasted', and two platinum-selling albums with Italian outfit LITFIBA. The other crucial element in the 'I' equation is marvelous musicianship from the likes of keys man Mike Lindup (formerly of Level 42), and lead guitarist Alan Darby (who has toured with such luminaries as Eric Clapton and Van Morrison). They both make tasteful, incisive contributions to the album's vivid tonal palette. That's not to downsize the work of the other stellar musicians such as Gus Isadore (former co-writer and guitarist with Seal).

'I' is the type of album that seems to peel back more layers of musical revelation with each play, where your favourite song changes each time you return to it. And you will, time and time again. More information can be found at leelindsey.com


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