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  Linda Waterfall
Linda WaterfallLinda's great grandfather emmigrated from Switzerland and his surname, Wasserfallen, was anglicized to Waterfall when he came through Ellis Island, causing thousands of people in subsequent generations to ask the question, "Is that your real name?" Linda grew up in a musical family in the suburbs of Chicago, and had extensive training in classical piano, composition, voice and theory. She began teaching herself to play guitar while in high school, and her unorthodox guitar style reflects this. Paradoxically, her family was strenuously opposed to her pursuit of a musical career. Due to this pressure, she attended college at Stanford University, where she graduated Phi Beta Kappa, majoring in visual art.

After college, Linda began to perform professionally. Her first successful band was Entropy Service, one of the best musical groups in Seattle in the mid 70's. Her first album was released by Windham Hill Records in 1977. She worked as a bass player in The Skyboys, a very successful country rock group playing the club scene in the northwest, and later fronted her own band, releasing two more albums during this period. In 1979 she was voted Seattle's Best Solo Artist by the Seattle Sun-KZAM Arts and Entertainment Poll. In 1983 she released a duo album with guitarist Scott Nygaard.

During these years she was soaking up influences from many different musical traditions. She also began composing for grants and commissions, in vocal and instrumental styles that reflect her early classical training but clearly contain elements of the vernacular musical vocabulary. Body English, her 5th album, released in 1987 by Flying Fish, continued this synthesis of popular and jazz harmonic structures into through-composed, classically structured pieces, mixed in among energetic blues- and rock-influenced rhythms. Critics have often commented on the impossibility of categorizing her music.

Linda currently performs occasionally, does recording studio production in her home town Seattle, and teaches guitar and piano privately. She also composes choral music for area choirs. Her latest album, That Art Thou: Songs from the Vedas, is an example of this new direction.

Other Recordings Available
The following Vinyl LP's released from 1977-83 are available through:
Trout Records
P.O. Box 31435
Seattle WA 98103
EVERYTHING LOOKS DIFFERENT (1983) (with Scott Nygaard)
Vinyl LP ONLY - $25
Vinyl LP ONLY - $20
Vinyl LP ONLY - $15
MARY'S GARDEN (1977) (originally released by Windham Hill)
Vinyl LP ONLY - $25

That Art Thou: Songs from the Vedas
CD $14.99 catalog# TR 2002
That Art Thou: Songs from the Vedas
In The Presence Of The Light
CD $14.99 catalog# TR 98
Cass $9.99 catalog# TR-98 (cass)
In The Presence Of The Light
Drawing Down The Moon
Flying Time
CD $14.99 catalog# lwcd-102
Cass $9.99 catalog# lwcs-102
Flying Time
A Little Bit At A Time
CD $14.99 catalog# FF70565
Cass $10.99 catalog# FF70565
A Little Bit At A Time
Body English
CD Call catalog# Call
Cass $9.99 catalog# lwcs-100
Body English

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