Linda Winner


Singer songwriter Linda Winner has been performing since she was all of about two years old. Born in Western Maryland, she began her career singing in church standing on a chair between both parents. She was singing a third part harmony at age four. Linda's Mother had a tremendous night club voice, and was once offered a professional singing career, but turned it down to continue singing in church and to become a house wife and Mom. (BTW: Linda thinks she was the best Mom in the whole world too!) At age nine Linda's Grandmother bought her a guitar. Linda learned to play almost instantly by watching others play, and by copying chords from a book someone gave her. At age 14 she began writing her own songs and was playing in every church she was invited to.

Linda played and sang for many local schools and colleges too. Linda went on to Frostburg University in hopes of becoming a Physical Education teacher, but was side tracked by a position she was offered in the US government. While Linda never quit her day job, she continued to tour the East Coast and up into Canada doing concerts for churches, weddings, coffee houses, restaurants, and outdoor events. She played with various bands and performed front sets with well known Christian artists Scott Wesley Brown, GLAD, D'Garmo & Key and Steve Camp. In 1984 her music career came to an abrupt halt when her 48 year old Mom and her young Grandmother both became terminally ill at the same time; one with cancer and the other with Lou Gehrig's disease. In 1987 her Mother passed away. Linda thought she would never play again, as her Mom had been her best fan, always on the front row. However, in 1989 she tuned up her ovation 12-string one more time and began writing "The Road Home," a song about her Mom. The song seemed to put the spark back into her writing. The passion and love for music returned. She now believes that writing and singing is God's gift to her and says, "I feel like it's part of why I'm here and what I've been sent to do."

In addition to Linda's Christian music, she has also written some country songs and has worked in the studio with Mary Chapin Carpenter's lead guitar player and producer, John Jennings. Linda currently has two country songs, "Date with A Memory" and "I Can't Get You Off My Mind" on compilation CD, "Velvet & Stone" that will be released by Richway Records in Nashville this month (Jan 97). Linda also signed a contract in January 97' with Betty Jane Music Publishing Co., for Dove nominee, Toni Walker to sing two of her Christian songs, "I Run to Him" and "Grandma's Love." Linda's favorite country singers are Anne Murray, Kathy Matea, Winonna Judd and Vince Gill. While Linda has not gone back on the road to perform publically, she continues to write, collaborates with other writers, and spends much of her time in the studio singing her own demos as well as doing demos for others. Linda spends a lot of time working with ex-Grand Ole Opry singer/musician, Garrick Alden, who arranges, plays and sings on nearly all her songs. Linda's writing has been influenced personally by GLAD's Bob Kauflin and Scott Wesley Brown. Her favorite Christian artists are Keith Green, Michael Card, GLAD and Twilla Paris.

Linda currently resides in Northern Virginia with her friend Brenda Twigg, her cat, Frosty and new puppy, Kaleigh. Linda attends Covenant Life Church in Gaithersburg, Maryland and is still a computer consultant for 007. Linda is hoping to put out her first CD sometime this year...
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