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Megan McElroy

Upbeat new folk lyricist, singer, activist, rhymystic song crafter, guitar playing optimist, musician bordering on comedian, heroine of women, and unabashed groove queen percussionist!

At 31, Megan is celebrating her 15th year as a performer and recording artist. She has two CD's (Buzz and The Second Second Coming of the Big Big Bang) and usually performs with a hot and sassy all female band. She can also provide an outstanding solo show. Her clever lyrics are unsurpassed in quality and originality by even the most amazing songwriters. A festival junkie, Megan is seeking bookings at music festivals and clubs where her eclectic styles allow her to fit nicely into diverse line-ups.

CENTERHer radio single June which addresses an infatuation with Leave It To Beaver super-mom June Cleaver, is a sexy, funny, catchy tune (definitely worth a listen.) True entertainment is priceless, and Megan offers a fresh brew of hopefulness, wit, and original artistry for all to enjoy. Are you ready to feel the passion of the world changing for the better? This is one brutal folkster whose time has come. .

The Second Second Coming
of the Big Big Bang
CD $14.99 catalog# 5905799212


CD $14.99 catalog# 1428801182


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