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Miasma invokes and abuses romantic delusions. It is about stripping gender conflict back to the war of the self. Miasma is a CD in word and music by Myra Davies ( Vancouver ) and Gudrun Gut ( Berlin ).

The two women began working together in Berlin in 1991 and their collaboration evolved through recording sessions in Germany and Canada. Their first stage production, in collaboration with Japanese Butoh choreographer Hiroko Tamano, was "Miasma, a Butoh Opera" staged in Banff, Canada in late 1992. Since then they have been performing in Europe.

The first Davies/Gut CD, "Miasma" is a thematic collection evoking the dialectic between reason and desire. The listener is stretched between the seductive irrationality of the imagery and visceral electronic music and the intellectual toughness at the core of the texts.


Venue: The Calgary Centre for the Performing Arts
Dates: May 13-18, 1996

Produced by MAENAD Theatre Co., Calgary, Canada

Description: Berlin art rocker Gudrun Gut and Canadian Myra Davies, described by Euro-critics as "like Laurie Anderson but weirder ", have created an operatic scale mixed media music & theatre project for MAENAD THEATRE'S 1996 NEW VOICES FESTIVAL, entitled MIASMA, STUPID AS A ROSE.

Die Nornen, the ancient Fates who twist the rope of fate and share one eye between them, cast their scathing eye over murderous brides, grasping widows, and young girls in love, narcissists and monsters, parenticidal daughters and dainty ballerinas - MIASMA with 16 Calgary guest performers conjure up a surreal dream stream of facts and fantasies burbling out of that awful time between puperty and menopause in a musical landscape of Berlin industrial techno-trance. Travel assistance for Ms. Gut provided by The Goethe Institute of Vancouver.

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