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  Mary Margaret O'Hara
Mary Margaret O'Hara

Mary Margaret O'Hara's debut album Miss America was released in 1988 by Virgin Records to great critical and popular acclaim in Canada and Europe. Mary Margaret followed up in 1992 with a Christmas EP and in 1994 with a Christmas collaboration called Count Your Blessings featuring Victoria Williams and Jane Siberry.

Last year, Mojo Magazine of the UK has listed Mary Margaret as one of the top 100 'cult music' heroes of all time and Miss America as one of the top 100 albums of the 20th Century. Canada's Chart Magazine recently listed "Miss America" as the 14th best Canadian album of all time. NOW magazine of Toronto named Miss America the #3 album of the last twenty years, just behind Nirvana and The Beastie Boys.

Over the years she has appeared as a guest artist on many records and soundtrack albums for artists as varied as The Henrys and Morrissey. During a 1999 R.E.M. concert in Toronto, Michael Stipe brought Mary Margaret on stage and declared her a 'national treasure'. Other artists who are said to fans of hers include Radiohead, Dave Matthews and Rickie Lee Jones (to name a few).

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