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  Maria Solheim
Maria Solheim When Kirkelig Kulturverksted's MD, Erik Hillestad, heard one of Maria Solheim's songs, he gave her the following challenge - and opportunity: Take two days in studio with three musicians. No promises. Listening to the result afterwards, he was in no doubt. He wanted Maria to record a whole album.

"This is amazing! Maria writes such mature lyrics, and her distinctive songs are quite extraordinary for an 18-year-old", says Erik Hillestad. "Maria is a rare talent". Maria Solheim exhibits an instant melodic sense and great dynamic width in her music. The music is based on acoustic pop-rock in the singer-songwriter tradition. She writes all lyrics and music herself. "Normally the lyrics set the mood for the music", says Maria. "The songs reveal themselves as little secrets as I work. They're pictures, painted in words and tunes."

Bengt Egil Hanssen (Kari Bremnes' regular pianist) is producer on Maria Solheim's debut recording. When he heard Maria Solheim for the first time in 1997, he sensed a great musical talent. Barefoot is coloured by Bengt's musical experience, and some very skillful studio musicians.

We don't often get young debutantes of Maria Solheim's calibre in this country. She certainly has talent enough for a lifelong career as artist and song writer, and she speaks her heart. Exhibitionism or success is not what drives her, but rather an inner pressure that is released through her texts and tunes. And despite her young age, she moulds and performs her material with a mature sense of expression and quality.

On "Behind closed doors", Maria Solheim is backed by musicians belonging to her own generation. They're not primarily experienced session musicians this time, but young and fresh hands who serve up tunes and grooves with no mercy. The result is music full of thrust and enthusiasm. You sense that Maria's songs and the physical expression of the new band belong together. The songs are in a sense performed without being "arranged". Both the sound and the musical style are quite different from "Barefoot" from 2001, with a result that is simpler and rougher.

Producer is again Bengt Egil Hanssen. Guitar and steel guitar: Kjetil Steensnæs; El-piano, Wurlitzer and backing vocals: David Wallumrød; Drums and percussion: Torstein Lofthus; Bass: Tor Egil Kreken. Bengt Egil Hanssen also contributes on keyboards. Mixing by Ulf W. Ø. Holand in Lydlab.

Behind Closed Doors
CD $19.99 catalog# fxcd253
Behind Closed Doors
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CD $19.99 catalog# fxcd-278

Too Many Days (mp3)
Kissing Me (mp3)


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