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  Mountain Thyme
Mountain Thyme We live in West Virginia...the heart of the Appalachian Mountains. Like many West Virginians, several of us trace our ancestry to immigrants who moved here from the Celtic lands in search of a new life. They brought with them their families, their music and their independent spirits, and settled in the beautiful green hills and isolated valleys of our state. These Scottish and Irish roots can be heard in "traditional" Appalchian mountain music. This cultural heritage probably accounts for the special way that Celtic music resonates within the hearts of the Appalachian people. For us it has meant a special attraction to the music of Ireland, Scotland, Wales,Brittany, and England that gives our repertoire of songs and tunes a distinctive sound that is both Appalachian and Celtic.

Concerts feature traditional jigs, reels, hornpipes, waltzes, original compositions, multi-layered vocal harmonies and unaccompanied singing.

Songs encompass rousing accounts of romantic escapades, tales of trial and challenge, historical sagas, stories of personal experience and place, and amusing expressions of everyday life and events.

Mandolin, guitar, bouzouki, silver and wooden flutes, upright bass, keyboard, tenor banjo and autoharp.

" The Celtic influence on musical styles of the Appalachian mountain region, and, in turn, a mountain flavor to familiar Celtic airs, form the substance of the self-produced disc by the group Mountain Thyme. It's a gentle project of music performed by six women who obviously know and love both the music and it's sources. " - Dirty Linen Folk & World Music

West Virginia Chose Me
CD $13.99 catalog# mtcd-100
Cass $9.99 catalog# mtcd-100
West Virginia Chose Me
She Moved Through the Fair
CD $14.99 catalog# mtcd-101
She Moved Through the Fair
Twisted Laurel

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