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Najma Acclaimed by The Associated Press as 'one of the West's most popular Indian singers', Najma is today a renowned singer of Indian music. Till now, Najma has recorded several albums of contemporary Indian music. She is equally adept at Western music and has performed with such eminent rock musicians as Jimmy Page and Robert Plant. Recently, new life was breathed into songs from a 1996 album at a performance at the Knitting Factory in New York City, when one of New York City's most prominent Indo-Psych-Pop bands, Church of Betty, teamed up with Najma. Najma performed songs from their collaborative album,entitled "Forbidden Kiss." from oasisdancecompany.com
CD $16.99 catalog# sha64009
Qareeb CD cover
Neend Koyi
CD $16.99 catalog# sha64026
Atish CD cover
CD $15.99 catalog# pol850000
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Forbidden Kiss
CD $16.99 catalog# sha640630
Forbidden Kiss CD cover
Piya Tose

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