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  Omara Portuondo
In more than 50 years of professional life Omara Portuondo has walked Cuban songs throughout the world. Gifted with a ductile voice of wide registers, she sings the same a bolero as a balad going through guaracha, son or jazz without loosing color or expressiveness. She is also an excellent communicator capable of establishing a musical dialogue of high complicity with the public.

"Its because if I´m singing and in a given moment I say I'm in love, I must feel it and show it, because if I don't it will all seem very empty and false".

And one arrives to the conclusion that it has to do with her deep-rooted association with feeling and with people like Angel Diaz, Frank Emilio, Jose A. Mendez, Portillo, and many other Cuban musicians engaged in taking to the staves and performing with emotion and honesty magnificent poetic texts. Another important school for Omara was Las D'Aida quartet of which she was a founder together with Elena Burke and Moraima Secada under the exemplary conduction of Aida Diestro." - from article in Tropicana numb 3, 1997: http://www.tropicanamag.cubaweb.cu/num_ant/portada.html

Coleccion Cubana
CD $17.99 catalog# NASC68.2

Dos Gardenias
CD $18.99 catalog# TUM105.2
Buena Vista Social Club Presents: Omara Portuondo
CD $17.99 catalog# NNS79603.2

Sitiera (mp3)
Donde Estabas (mp3)
CD $17.99 catalog# NUBE3237.2
La Gran Omara Portuondo
CD $16.99 catalog# EGR414.2
Roots of Buena Vista: La Novia del Filin
CD $16.99 catalog# EGR178.2

Campanitas De Cristal (mp3)
Nosotros (mp3)
Omara Portuondo: Roots of Buena Vista
CD $16.99 catalog# EGR163.2

Vale la Pena Vivir (mp3)
Mi Son Caliente (mp3)
18 Joyas Ineditas
CD $16.99 catalog# B832020
Magia Negra
CD $29.99 catalog# 601789H

Magia Negra (mp3)
Que Emocion (mp3)
CD $29.99 catalog# 398807H

Palabras (mp3)
Mi Ayer (mp3)
Veinte Anos
CD $29.99 catalog# B158519

Ultima Noche (mp3)
Veinte Anos (mp3)

CD $28.99 catalog# 576918H
Cuba / Las Grandes Damas
CD $15.99 catalog# jORF13918.2 (2CD)

Siboney/ Omara Portuondo (mp3)
El Arroyo/Esther Borja(mp3)
Luna Rosa /Xiomara Alfaro (mp3)
Un Poco Mas/ Elena Burke (mp3)

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