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Milk Shake-A CD to benifit The Harvey Milk Institute


The Press Meditates

David Plotnikoff, San Jose Mercury-News, September 28, 1990: "In her menacing burr-cut and spit-shined combat boots, Phranc could easily pass muster with even the toughest Marine Corps drill sergeant."

People, August 14, 1989: "...her coif, a buzz-cut flattop, would pass muster at Parris Island."

John Strausbaugh, The City Paper (Washington, DC): "...her severe midshipman's flattop..."

David Menconi, Daily Camera (Boulder, Colorado), December 18, 1989: "...a GI-regulation crewcut and incongruously delicate voice..."

Stephen Dalton, New Musical Express (England), September 5, 1989: "...our musclebound and crew-cut hostess..."

Interview, August 1989: "...menacingly militant in her combat boots and flattop..."

Ann Powers, San Francisco Weekly, June 28, 1989: "...her famous Ozzie Nelson flattop and combat boots..."

Don McLeese, Chicago Sun-Times. October 8, 1989: "...her Ricky Nelson flattop..."

Bill Locey, Ventura County & Coast Reporter, July 6, 1989: "...a flat top that makes her look like Robert Deniro after an estrogen overdose..."

Russell Smith, Dallas Morning Call, July 23, 1989: "...Phranc looks a bit like Wayne Newton did 25 years ago. She has a severe flattop, a glass of milk in one hand, and a dreamy look in her eyes..."

Design, August 1989: "...her flattop a la Fabian..."

Len Righi, The Morning Call, (Allentown, Pennsylvania): "...the most striking flat top since Grace Jones..."

Kenton Augerman, Imprint, September 21, 1990: "Is the record buying public ready for a hairy-legged, lesbian folksinger with a crew cut?"

Phranc: "It was my brother's haircut. I wanted it for myself from the time I was a little kid."

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