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  Perla Batalla
Perla Batalla "Maybe in the lofty mansions of La-La land or in the steamy nightclubs of Rio de Janeiro there is a voice to match young Perla Batalla's but I haven't heard it. Pure and strong, her instrument can go right to the top without wavering and reach down for a ballad like few singers in this land... No comparison to other singers seems to work, you just have to hear her to become a believer... Singers like Perla Batalla come along once in a great while and in the landslide of thousands of musical acts can be overlooked. Seek her out and hear the voice..." - Los Cerritos Community News

"Batalla encompasses generations worth of Iberian and Mesoamerican artistry and mystery. Yet between songs, in a heartbeat, she performs the magic of cultural crossover and charms the audience..." - Topia

"Sultry chanteuse who sang backup for Leonard Cohen, k.d. lang, and others steps into the spotlight on impassioned, at times sublime debut..." - Billboard

"First there is the voice: an astonishingly rich contralto capable of stratospheric arches of unadulterated emotion; a voice so full of experience it seems impossible that it emanates from one diminutive young woman. Then there are the songs: lyrical short stories in deep-jeweled shades and shadows with an undercurrent of pulsing percussion and cinematic sweeps of sweet harmonies; narratives that celebrate the redemptive powers of the loving heart." - SongTalk

Heaven and Earth, The Mestiza Voyage
CD $14.99 catalog# mm1645
Heaven and Earth, The Mestiza Voyage
CD $14.99 catalog# pbcd-100
Camino A Santiago
Discoteca Batalla
CD $14.99 catalog# pbcd-200
Discoteca Batalla

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