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  Pamela Wyn Shannon
Pamela Wyn Shannon Pamela Wyn Shannon has attracted attention with her "mesmerizing alternative Celtic-folk" style music, her inventive guitar work, her evocative and poetic imagery, and her passionate vocal range. Her guitar playing has been described as "a tiny chamber orchestra working in unison at the end of her hands." Her music is charged with the driving rhythms of modal Celtic guitar and reeling fiddle, capturing a wandering spirit with Gypsy melodies and Eastern melisma. Focusing her talent as singer, songwriter and guitarist, Pamela put together a band in 1993 to record her EP, Meteoric Meanderings which received excellent reviews from Dirty Linen, Aquarian Weekly, The Musician's Exchange, and numerous local and Irish publications. This band included John Doyle, Irish guitarist of Solas; Tanya Kalmanovitch, a violinist/violist, who toured with Turtle Island String Quartet; and Claude Coleman, Jr., drummer for Elektra artists Ween.

Pamela explores folk music by getting to the heart of it. In 1993, she spent a minstrel year jamming in Ireland's pubs, which has cultivated her rich guitar playing and songwriting even more. In Ireland she happened to meet the great multi-instrumentalist and seasoned veteran of Irish folk and traditional music, Johnny Moynihan (recorded with DeDannan, Planxty, Silly Sisters, Anne Briggs and more). Johnny once told Pamela, "You remind me of a dear old friend of mine, Anne Briggs". Even though Pamela did not know who Anne Briggs was at the time, she could see in his eyes that Anne meant a lot to him. Pamela felt the kindred spirits of another generation mysteriously divining her path. Dotingly, Johnny took Pamela under his musical wing until she was ready to fly back home to the states. Armed and enamored with jigs, reels and ballads, Pamela entered the USA like her great-grandmother, Hannah Shannon, did many years ago - full of ancient tunes in her soul ready for adventure. Pamela immediately hooked up with some of the talented traditional Irish players in NYC and started doing sessions and gigs. In addition to performing her original songs, Pamela performs traditional Irish music at various Irish venues around the East Coast. She has performed and recorded with musicians from the popular "RiverDance".

Pamela Wyn Shannon is authoring a genuine musical voice. She is a passionate vocalist who directs songs with urgent callings. Through her potent lyrics, Pamela sets out to forge the energy of nature to human emotions. Written with an open heart and mind, they are maturing poems and tales sung with a voice of emotional range that belies her youth: poetic-loosening words to her audiences. Tender and bold - grounded by her lattice-like intricate guitar work.

Natures Bride
CD $14.99 catalog# pscd-001
Natures Bride
child's eyes
Song Of Slow Emerging

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